St. Nicholas

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I had an outfit post scheduled for today (hints all over the fb page) , but in our country we have this tradition: at night, on 5th of December it is said that St. Nicholas comes and leaves sweets in children's shoes. Now, I know I'm not quite a child anymore, but my parents always buy me different presents . 

And , since I'm so in love with this year's gifts, I've decided to share them with you:

♥The most incredible sweater from C&A, best fabric I have ever worn
♥Orsay owl, welcome to the family, little miss number 8 (I'm crazy about owls )
♥Best Nail Polish -EVER

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8 comentarii

  1. que búho mas bonito lo he visto en varias tiendas y he estado a punto de comprarmelo jaja es muy mono me parece que ya te sigo un besito de

  2. Cute owl necklace you have! The nail colour is attracting! :)

  3. cute necklace!

  4. aw this is a cool tradition! Wish I had done this. I mean, I don't have kids, but I like the idea! Maybe for the cat?

  5. this is about the best tradition I've heard, I think the rest of the world should follow in your lead :) cute necklace and loving the sweater.

  6. Ohhhh such an amazing blog, I'm in love with the photos!!
    You got yourself a new follower :))


  7. I love owls too, followed.

  8. Great necklace. I'm crazy about owls. :)
    Follow me if you want and i'll follow you back. :)


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