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I've always loved planning trips. I'm the type of tourist who knows five different restaurants near every sight we plan to see, the drug store, supermarkets and I usually plan everything to the minute. I learned it from my aunt and uncle, they're the best when it comes to this. As I told you before, I had my best friend in Iasi for three days and I wanted to show her as much as possible! The photos from this post have been taken throughout the second day, our busiest. 

It started with a walk to the Train Station to buy tickets for the next day (the streets I chose to get there all had history or imposing buildings for us to admire). After this, we had breakfast at S.'s favorite place in Iasi , Charlotte. It's an amazing pâtisserie, I love the decor, the music, the atmosphere and...the sweets, of course! They also have some divine croissant sandwiches (nothing compares to them, according to S. who has had croissant sandwiches in Bucharest) and great coffee.
After our French breakfast,  I showed S. my Med School because she was curious how different it is from hers in Bucharest. Some other walks followed, we spent some time in the Copou Park, and a few hours in the Botanical Garden- we have to go back someday, we barely had time to soak in the beautiful landscapes and the serenity of the place. After this, we had a quick lunch and we went to an Escape Room. We visited my aunt and then we went to see Ted 2 with my cousin.

I'm grateful for this summer so far, I got to travel a lot and I can't wait for my trip to Rhodes. Gotta get back to packing now, I wish you all amazing day!

H&M dress, Moschino bag, Humanic shoes, Fossil watch 
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  1. I heard that planning for a trip is often more exciting than the trip itself! So it is definitely good that you love to plan it all out. Love this outfit. That dress is absolutely gorgeous!

  2. These pictures are so beautiful,and i love these photos.


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