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Something fortunate happened yesterday. I was about to go out and I really wanted to go for a casual outfit in order to wear the "We just want to have fun"  Zara T-shirt which I have just received from my aunt. Thank you aunty, I got the message! (hint for my readers)
And the moment I opened my closet this wonderful skirt fell from its hanger. Imagine my surprise and excitement as I suddenly remembered I bought this two years ago from Zara because I needed it for a festive ocassion at school.

I didn't even think that much at this outfit, I literally threw everything that fell from my closet and it felt extraordinary! It's great to loosen up sometimes, especially when it's sunny outside. What I more extraordinary though, it's the joy I felt by discovering it, as if it was new. In another context worn it just seems like a different garment!

As for the changes, this game the idea to start exploring my closet more, and show you all my clothes, because I only tend to wear my favourites here, and it's unfair.

Incredible, the little miracles of fashion!

Zara Skirt,  Zara T-shirt,  Bershka Belt, Bershka kind of kimono/cape ,  bracelets( from C&A, H&M, vintage shop from London),  Zara scarf,  Wholesale bag

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  1. the skirt is so pretty and i love your bangles!

  2. lovely outfit!

    come & enter my threetones dress giveaway!
    with love,

  3. i know ! I have often baught something for a random event. For some reason, I don't see it in about two years. Then I just open my waredrobe and its just there :)lol. Amazing. I love your outfit. x

  4. Really inspiring! I like the colors and structure :o (when I first saw the first picture, I was like: wow, the colors and structure!)

  5. i love your dress, it's great!!!


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