Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Bad light & powder pink

♪ Avicii- You make me ♪

There was a lovely time in September when the weather was gloomy yet alright and I could wear skirts matched with cozy sweaters all day long. Those were also the days when I had a lot of free time on my hands and I could wander for hours- in funky coffee shops or driving the most perfect car in the world. Oh least I still have the pictures! Hmm..not really, the last time I wore a skirt was when I took these photos and we had the worst light possible, not even Photoshop would do wonders...

I was just getting used to managing these hectic days, when both me and my parents decided to go on a weekend trip - on one hand, I'm super excited because I get to be with my cousins, my aunt and uncle and have tons of fun but on the other hand, I know how hard it's going to be for me to keep up with the douzen school projects and the five tests coming up. I guess whenever I found myself in a dilemma I run straight back to my blog and look for some advice from my readers- if you're reading this, what's the secret of a good time management? ( Please don't answer: "Cut back on your sleep hours", because that's usually what I do).

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Paris vs. New York


This weekend has been a delight- sure, I had tons of projects and school work to do but I also got to sleep 8 hours a night and catch up with the latest news in the fashion world. I love to see new collections every season, and so far I'm truly in love with the Swarovski Fall 2013 Collection. It's not only their classy designs which got my attention, but also the fact that this collection includes a collaboration with Shourouk. I don't know how many of you are familiar with this brand, but I've been following its journey for quite a while and I can state they make my favourite statement necklaces. I don't know how I've missed this incredible collaboration, the prices of the Swarovski &Shourouk pieces are like 25 % of what a Shourouk necklace usually costs. Still, it is too expensive for me so I was lucky to found this Swarovski Coupon Code 2013. I'm still deciding whether I should take the plunge and buy one of the pieces, what's really holding me back is the fact that I'm saving up for a trip to Paris.

Speaking of Paris, when I decided I wanted to do a set and Polyvore in order to show you the Swarovski jewellery I found myself wondering- should this be a feminine outfit with a dash of Parisian chic or a casual attire, a la New York? Why not do both? My point is that this collaboration has resulted in some pieces of an imense versatility,  I can definitely see how these statement earrings and cuff work with boyfriend jeans and some funky shoes as well. 

Would you go all Paris or New York? 

PS: Isn't that Chanel nude bag the most incredible bag you've seen in a while? God, I hope they'll still make it in 10 years when (maybe) I'll afford it.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Life Lately

mary frankly3

My dear readers, are you still there? I'm alive, I'm just burried in homework and with tons of projects on my hands! Being in my last highschool year has been a crazy ride, and it's only been 3 weeks since it started. I don't even have spare time in weekends (I had to cut two hours of studying Biology just to write this, I'm so not getting any sleep tonight!) and I just feel like rambling and writing!! I have discovered so many amazing things in the past month. 

My number one love for this fall is an app which I have waited for such a long time! I don't know about you, but I feel like the internet has completely changed the ways in which we communicate. Whenever I send a message to my friends I think about the third party which might be involved (we are always logged in on  social networks on our smartphones, so it's easy for someone in your life to get access to your secret conversations) and if I can really trust that friend not to tell/ show anyone. I had fallouts many times because I felt like me and my friends should have deleted a talk from our archieve. We even tried talking in encrypted codes, but it was a big mess at some point and we all got the wrong messages. I resigned and started to tone down my thoughts online and prayed for someone to create an app that left no trace behind. Some amazing people seem to have read everyone's mind and created Frankly! You can send text or photos and once you get the message you have 10 seconds to see it and then it's gone- FOREVER. Awesome much?? And it doesn't stop here, you can create group chats which is ideal because you all know I have 4 best friends, chatting together is so much better. Also, picture this- you wrote something stupid and you want to take it back- if the person hasn't seen it, it's actually possible to do this! I've been using this app for several days now and both me and my friends agree it's the one thing that's been missing online for such a long time- the possibility to write down your actual thoughts, emotions, secrets and be.. frank! The great thing is that you can find it on both App Store and Google Play , I use it on both my Ipad and Iphone.

Another cool thing I've discovered- the burgundy sneakers from Nike. I thought a lot whether I should buy them or not, considering they were so expensive but last week I was so tired and anxious I just told myself I need some retail therapy (I'll try to limit on an Oasis scarf next time I get the urge haha). Joke aside, I LOVE them so much, they have this cool fabric inside- feels like I'm wearing slippers! Also new and beautiful- notice my teal necklace, it's an incredible gift I got from two of my friends who visited Turkey. They really know me- you can never go wrong with a statement golden necklace when it's about getting me a gift! Now, about the pile of book/ magazines - I bought them (& many more actually) in September but it's just too much to handle right now- I miss reading, I miss my blog, I miss you !