Saturday, 16 August 2014


♪ Lana del Rey - Shades of Cool ♪

On 12th of August I turned 19. I can say I started my adulthood at 18, when I got my driver's license, went to Paris without my family and had my college admission, but for some reason 19 strikes me just as important as 18. It's the age that kind of tells me "Adolescence is gone" because I will be moving into a big city this October, in order to attend Medical School. I'm scared, suddenly I'm thinking how to pack my whole life in a couple boxes in order to fit into my small college bedroom. I have a credit card, I have responsibilities and I got gifts such as a toaster or an iron for my birthday this year. Also, it's probably the last birthday I get to celebrate properly in my hometown. I love my home so much, so instead of taking my friends out for a pizza I threw a casual party, with a special menu and a "Just Dance" marathon competition. I had a lot of fun, being surrounded by special people, my family and I loved my gifts so much!!!

It was the perfect birthday, it's not like I won't be coming home from college when I have time (although it is a 4 hour drive), but I just want to remember it this way, filled with laughter and positive energy. You'll find notes under each photo in this post (my gifts, my cake, flowers etc.), but I just want to tell you the story of this outfit first. Three days before my birthday, I left with my best friend Simona on a "birthday weekend" to Brasov. I fell in love with the city, it reminded me so much of Prague and Florence, yet it had its own distinctive air, and visiting it with Simona just made the experience a thousand times better! On Friday, the day we arrived there, I had no idea what I would wear at my birthday party. After visiting the Black Church(more on that in my future post) we decided to briefly check out the shops. After one hour of shopping there, I had my whole outfit planned (and another great purchases)!  I initally loved the Accessorize necklace I'm wearing in the photos, but didn't buy because I didn't have any outfit in mind for it. Ten minutes later, I walk into a Depot96 and I see this floral skirt! I've been in a quest for a perfect floral skirt for years now, and it was 50% off. As I bought it, I thought how perfectly it would match the necklace: it has two blue chains and two tangerine ones. As always, I took the photos before I had my curls and makeup done, so excuse the just-washed terrible hair.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

The Palazzo Pants


♪ Kanye West ft. The xx - Touch the sky ♪

I've put a lot of thought into this post, on whether to share a very important life achievement online or not. I figured out it's the right thing to do because it is my personal blog and I want to remember this moment, but also because it explains why I took more than one month hiatus on Teen Fashion Diary. As you know, I graduated highschool at the end of May and getting into university is a challenging experience. I first had an essential exam, called Bacalaureat- if you don't pass it, you are not eligible for college. I worked really hard on this complex exam (actually- exams- there's three of them) because it meant 25% of my college admission grade (and it went amazing, thank God). Two weeks after it, I had the actual exam which would determine my future (75% of the final grade, Anatomy). It has been the most intense experience of my life! I have been learning Anatomy for almost two years and ten days before the big text I have studied for 12 hours a day. Thankfully, I was the first to get into Medicine.

I still can't wrap my head around this achievement and I have my family to thank for constantly supporting me through this process! In these last few months I felt like I would never have a vacation again. But now that time has arrived, I have started watching "True Blood" (why did no one persuaded me to check it out before??) and reading all the John Green books I can get my hands on! After the big exam, before I left Iasi (my future home, starting October) I had a serious shopping session. I really felt like I deserve to get myself a gift, a really big one. So I went rogue at the Sephora sales, found a couple of cool T-shirt at Oysho, finally found a earcuff that suits my ear and I bought this gorgeous statement necklace from Zara I'm wearing in the photos. It was love at first sight, although my mom says it's only for special occasions I kind of match it with everything, I just can't stop wearing it! 

As for the title of the post- I found my ideal Palazzo Pants after three years of searching! They cost a lot, but I didn't care because they're actually more of maxi skirt meets palazzo pants and with really cool splits on the sides. One week after I purchased them, they went on sale at 70% - I'm not always lucky when it comes to fashion deals. I saved them for a special occasion- which came on Saturday when I took my family out for lunch at our favourite place in Iasi - Little Texas to celebrate my college admission. The food is simply the best - I managed to snap a couple of pictures of our desserts because we jumped right on the chimichangas, nachos, tacos etc. They also have a beautiful garden, which you can see in these pictures and it's such a serene and magic place!

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Summer Prints

Summer Florals

With my college admission exams coming up, I find myself most of the times at home, studying for the important moment. But how do I keep my sanity when all I see is my room and a pile of books on my desk? I have four different activities which I alternate, depending on how much spare time I allow myself a day. First of all, I watch Audrey Hepburn's movies again. There are so many details in "Sabrina" or "Funny Face" which I haven't noticed before, I'm thinking about making a post about Audrey's exquisite work. Secondly, I watch my favourite TV shows from time to time- the "Game of Thrones" finale was certainly an epic one, I loved it! Then, I have my usual get-together with my friends (pictured above on the right) where we complain about our studying and the fact we won't get to see each other on a daily basis next year and we indulge in some fancy desserts.

Last but not least, I do a lot of "virtual window shopping" especially because there are a lot of summer sales going on right now. That's why summer is my favourite season: best sales, fresh fruits , great weather to go out with your friends and the endless possibilities you have when it comes to your outfits. For example,  I have discovered some amazing printed dresses at Gliks like the floral number you can see in the set above. It's so fresh and flowy, and I've also come across to these Gliks coupons online! I will definitely keep an eye on this brand in the near future, I really love their creative cuts and patterns.

You may remember another brand I love from my old posts, Sanuk. I featured their "Dotty" espadrilles a couple of times here, but this summer they have taken the "print trend" to a whole different level. Just see for yourself in the set I made bellow, I need all those pairs! For all the sales lovers (just like me) who would love to own a pair of their new collection you can use these Sanuk coupons and see my favourite models for yourself:

Monday, 9 June 2014

Summer basics


I'm in for some gruelling weeks, it's my last occassion to prepare for the most important exams in my life. Therefore, I decided I need a mini holiday before everything so I left with my family for a couple of days to Iasi- my eternal love. I loved refreshing my wardrobe by shopping some summer basics, discovering the best hot chocolate (on a hot summer night, I know, but I got this terrible flu) and the best ice cream combination (called "Crazy Nuts"- clue: Snickers ice cream overload), reading the exquisite British Vogue number featuring Kate Upton on the cover while enjoying some Arizona Green Tea, chilling with my cousin and my friends who live there and last but not least, going to the "Edge of Tomorrow" movie. To elaborate, I've never been a Tom Cruise fan but I like Emily Blunt and my cousin insisted it would be a great action movie so I gave in. I went there, armed with my caramel popcorn and 3D glassses , without knowing anything about it except the main cast. And it was amazing! If I would have known the main topic was the battle between humans and aliens , I wouldn't have walked into that cinema! But the script was genuinely funny - it was an unexpected surprise.

Now, let's talk a little about fashion. That is a MOSCHINO bag, to address the obvious question! I have always loved the Italian brand and swore that I would buy an iconic bag when I would have a salary in the future. But I have a massive amount of luck- I follow Harvey Nichols on Instagram because I love their store and they were holding an exciting competition, in order to celebrate Moschino's 30th birthday. The prize? A classic mini leather bag, in a navy shade!

Ever since I got the bag, I have unconciously adjusted all my outfits to match it and this weekend, while I was walking into Otter looking for some new flats (I'm currently between sizes, bye bye my actual shoe collection!) I laid my eyes on the perfect baby blue flats. They are the perfect summer essential, so comfy and easy to match with pretty much everything.

The dress has another story- I'm all about finding some basic and comfy dresses for the hot summer we're in for. My aunt travelled to Athens recently and she found this beautiful, chic yet super casual Gap dress. I adore the soft cotton it's made of, Gap is all about excellent fabrics. She always surprises me with the most incredible gifts, I guess I've been really lucky lately!

Saturday, 31 May 2014



♪ Iggy Azalea - Impossible is nothing ♪

The last two weeks have been the busiest of this year so far! Two important exams, lots of trips, graduation, being valeditorian of my year and actually having to prepare a speech for the occasion, the prom and even a wedding in my family. Imagine how hard it was for me to find time to fit into my schedule the shoot for the dress I designed in collaboration with Fame&Partners! Every single day I would wake up and see the gourgeous powder peach gown hanging near my desk and I would say: "This is the day! I have to show my readers how it looks!", but then something terrible would happen like four days of straight rain or an unexpected departure.

We tried to capture all the little details you can't see on the site, like how the intricate lace has a 3D effect, with that extra layer of florals. Also, you can notice how the dress isn't actually see-through on the sides. When I started creating this dress I knew that I wanted an open back dress, but I was concerned about the bra situation. As always, the Fame&Partners team was amazing and ensured me they would do a special support thing in the front- similar to a corset. It turned out great, you can dance your heart out on your big night and not have to worry about anything falling out of place!

Now, a little bit about how I styled it: I chose some nude open-toe sandals because the summer vibes got to me, but you can easily match it with some elegant nude shoes (or something baby blue- like those Gianvito Rossi pumps that stole our hearts this season). My watch is a golden rose shade, but pure golden would work as well! As for the earrings, I have to admit I'm still on the quest for a statement pair! Any affordable suggestions anyone? So far I've only found Chanel earcuffs or J. Crew chandelier earrings online (a girl can dream). For the hair, I went for an easy peasy sock bun- why did no one tell me it only takes two minutes to make and yet it looks so fabulous?

I really look forward to hearing what you think about the concept of the dress and the collaboration, my dear readers! Brace yourselves for plenty of photos: