Tuesday, 19 November 2013

My Room

teenfashiondiary room 10
♪ Lorde- Tennis Court ♪

My room- or my most important part of it- the work space. You've asked me to do a video tour of my room for years now, it will come someday, but in the mean time I thought I'd share some photos with the most loved corner in my room. The idea came to me this Sunday, when I wanted to show you my new green dress from Persunmall. Of course, there were 0 Celsius degrees, so we weren't able to shoot outside. I was all grumpy and sad in my chair when I thought: "how about taking the pictures inside?".

Now, a little something you should know about my room: 

It's small, too small for two girls to share, and I am sharing it with my little sister (let's hope she won't get mad at me for this post, she always yells at me "it's OUR room" )

I designed it together with my dad when I was 13 and I had to make two major compromises: First, I wanted the furniture to be in one color, that light cream but the brand we chose didn't have enough wood in stock. If I would have waited three more months, it would have been possible but it was summer back when I redecorated and I was in a desperate need of change. Threfore, we settled for the orange combination because I really liked the way they worked together, but now that I'm in my teenage years I'm kind of tired of it. And I say "kind of" because I realized next year I will be in an ugly , boring dorm room and this room will be like heaven compared to it. (I'm taking my LOVE letters with me in college, they can make any room prettier, right?). Secondly, because my room is so small and I wanted such a big desk and we also needed to design a desk and bookcase for my little sister we had to sacrifice the curtains because they would have taken 25 cm in width. You can see the result, I look like I'm sitting in an actual office!

I didn't have any frames on my desk until last week when I found this cute little shop and I just had to buy these two! I came home excited to frame my photos just to discover..I haven't printed a photo of myself in three years haha (maybe I should start saving up for a Polaroid, I've always wanted one).

I use my statement necklaces as room decor, I think it has a pretty neat impact and I always have a hard time deciding which Vogue issues deserve to stay on the desk (I have some stacked in another corner).

So, what do you think about my room?

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Prom & Ponderings

Prom Party

♪ Tinie Tempah - It's OK ♪

The last of year of highschool is definitely one of contrasts. I have the most impressive amount of stuff to learn and it sort of equals the amount of parties I'll attend. This month alone there might be three, and of course then comes the well-known question: "What will I wear?". This year, I'm kind of going with the flow, while listening to Tinie Tempah's new masterpiece, "Demonstration" (nobody can't convince his first album was better than this) and being calmer than last year. Still, a big question comes into my mind dreadfully: "What kind of gown should I buy for my last prom?".

The prom in question will take place in May (2014 that is) so before you jump ahead and call me crazy let me tell you some of my mates already bought their dresses for the most important event in this highschool year. Naturally, I started searching for specialized sites and I've come across to 1dress.co.uk , the site from where I took the incredible photos you can see above. This online retail store has helped me with one major thing: I've decided the three major styles I like most in a prom dress. Firstly, we're talking long prom dresses. I've given this a lot of thought and I just can't see myself finishing highschool wearing a short dress, I want an ample, feminine gown! Now , on the styles:

Daring Cuts: They're all the rage right now, designer are racing to find more subtle and unique cuts. I love them, it's just that I don't think I have the courage or the atitude to wear one shoulder prom dresses. Only time will tell, I still have a long way to go until May.

Glamour: I think I want to see some sequins on my dress, but I'm not sure on the amount, I don't want to look kitch. Maybe just for the top, as in the second photo?

Red Prom Dresses: I've always dreaded red, I have only one thing red in my closet, which I bought forced by the fact all my class had to wear the same color one day and we opted for red. Still, ever since I turned 18 I find it more appealing, but I would have to be careful about the shade of red, I don't want to remind everyone of Christmas.

So, what do you think? Do you have any advice for me, considering the fact that you've been following my fashion journey so far? One thing I found awesome abut this site is the fact they offer a 10$ discount if you use this code: xq10usdoff . And, since on Instragram today it's the usual "Throwback Thursday", I want to share a photo of me wearing my favourite long dress back in June:

Monday, 4 November 2013

Holly for Halloween

audrey halloween

The last year of highschool isn't kind at all with me, I must be saying this the 100th time. If you have been reading my blog for an year, you must know I pulled a Minnie for the last Halloween. This year I had this whole concept for a shooting as one of my icons Holly Golightly, which was set to be published on the actual Halloween day. What happened? Firstly, bad hair day! I had to re-do this bun like 4 times! Then, tests and homework, I can't believe I'm 5 days late with my post. 

Still, I told myself that even if I failed to celebrate this holiday in the online world, it shouldn't stop me to have fun at school. So, I brought a bunch of delicious candy for my mates and I pulled a Minnie again (the Holly Golightly costume was out of the question, it's so much easier to just drop the ears during study hours). Plus, you can see I bought another pair of ears this year, never repeat a Halloween costume!

Now, on Holly Golightly: I often wonder if I would have adored her just by reading the book. Initially, I watched the movie because Audrey Hepburn played the reading part and she has been one of my favourite actresses ever since I was a little girl. Last year I was over the moon to receive the DVD, because now whenever I need a boost of confidence and hope, I watch it. Holly may be strong, resourceful, optimistic, charismatic, a good actress ( all the man she tricked, we got to give her some credit!), but in the end even she turns out to be a hopeless romantic. The movie's got everything: great lines, lovely decor, romantic plot, funny scenes and a high dose of fashion and style.

Now, a few of my favourite quotes of Holly, all written by the genius Truman Capote: