Saturday, 18 April 2015

The Cherry Blossom Girl

♪ Cristi Cons - Mouline ♪

We have some beautiful cherry blossom trees in my hometown and each spring I would tell my best friends: "We have to do a photoshoot with a cherry blossom theme!" and then something would happen like a test, or a party you have no outfit for and you must go shopping, or an unexpected trip. I realized that I finished highschool and moved out of my hometown WITHOUT taking a single photo of these beautiful trees.

I had my Easter holiday so I went home, where I had the most refreshing break (Oh my God, so much has happened on the 3rd season of House of Cards, yet I was just sitting with my Anatomy books the whole month of March and missing out on all the good stuff! ). One day, I decided to go on a tour of our small hometown together with my best friend (a.k.a a trip down memory lane) and there it was: my favourite cherry blossom tree, fantastic as ever!

What you must know about me is that I like wearing a lot of black these days- I know, this blog used to be all about blush pink, nude and mint, yet here we are! I don't know when or how it happened, but I know that most of the times, when I walk out the door, I'm wearing a black ensemble. So of course I thought I shouldn't take these pictures because I was not matching the tree- at all haha. Then I thought some more and I kind of liked the idea this photoshoot represents- that you shouldn't waste any time when you want something - be it a photoshoot or the job of your dreams and that it's okay to change- whether it's your fashion style we're talking about or your opinions. It would have been awesome to have some photos as the 16 year old me in that mint dress I wanted to wear for the photoshoot back then and compare them to these photos, but I've made the mistake of not taking all the opportunities in highschool and I've decided that this must change in my twenties (only 4 months to go until 20, still can't believe it!).  Thank you Simona for being the most amazing photographer and friend, I love you & I will miss you like crazy!

PS: The title is inspired from the first fashion blog that I've ever come across to, back when I was 15, which inspired me to start my own blog.