But I’m gonna be warm (ho ho) this winter

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Knit from Zara I've been wearing like crazy last winter.

I don't know what's the weather like in your country or town, but here it is totally different from the last week. I cannot beleive the substantial change, it is raining all day long and I feel the urge to look for my gloves.
Winter is aproaching, I know for sure but there is a positive side for the fashion obsessed people like me: sweaters, trenches and all the scarves to match them with! Not to mention the berets or the oversized hats!

You are going to think I'm crazy for already planning my wardrobe for this winter, but that's just in my nature! In august , I knew already that I was going to wear red, leopard and snake prints this autumn and now I know what I am wearing this winter: crazy prints&knitwear!
And, as I am always pretentious I want some new boots, to have my dream selection from head to toe. after searching high and low all over the city I have found my perfect ones *drum rolls*...online , at Joe Browns:

What's not to love about them? I can choose the lenght to wear them at, and look at that print, just what I was looking for! When I first came across to the web page, they won me over with the design! And the name, I was so curious that I actually clicked the "About us" page after I saw these precious boots. I only came across to a very misterious Joe, thing that I find awesome bcause it gives you this thrill, to find out who designs a clothing line so full of life!

It's "a state of mind" they say and, after I looked at the casual clothes selection I got the point. Everything is just so playful and fun, you can actually picture yourself wearing those brilliant colors when all the town is covered in a soft white snow.
These leggings have totally won the "Most amazing print I've seen this month" title in my heart, I love the color combination and the idea so much, just FAB!
And what makes me even more happy of my online discovery is that they delivery to Romania, my country, and pretty much all over the world! I can also tell it's not just this season they're great at designing clothes  because they have an amazing sale going on, featuring some items left from the summer line, which seems to have been just as great as this one.

Joe Browns is definetely an online store to keep on my shopping spots list, can't wait to see their future ideas and collections. I have to go now, to show my mom the boots & hope she won't mind that I don't get to try them on before I actually buy them (you see, she's not into the online shopping that much as I am).
Have a lovely weekend everyone!

PS: Special thanks to my mom for buying me this amazing lucky charm bracelet- maybe this will sweeten her on the boots matter haha!  x

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  1. Very warm and stylish sweater! Brava!


  2. You're not crazy when you plan what you want to wear next season, I planned to wear grunge things and I did (I still do) I just love it!
    Now I'm searching for some winter-inspirations.
    Still loving your blog!

  3. That sweater is the cutest! I love the heart shaped pockets!


  4. I love these leggins <3

  5. I love this cardigan, the heart pocket is adorable!

  6. here it´s spring.. well "spring".. we move to chilling.. to a whole week of rain.. to tooooo hot to handle it..
    i miss spring.. those days that you could go out with anything on and it was ok.. damn global warming..hahah ok..i lost myself on the theme.
    Love the accesories from the last picture!


  7. I love the sweater! It's so adorable! :)

  8. hi,

    I love it <3




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