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I went out for a walk couple days ago- at night. It was magical, with all the lights on the streets and I have managed to take some great photos- only with flash! Belive me or not, none of the following photos are edited whatsoever .

I have finally found my dream wallet/purse , leather one, with brown and orange, from Pull&Bear and I had to match it with my new zip blouse from Zara. I absolutely love both, especially that shade of green! Also, let's not forget the fancy tea cup and kettle necklace- a gift from my best friend Simona. It was so fun wearing it with this outfit- golden zip at back, golden necklace, golden nails!

Zara Blouse, Zara Jeans, Pull&Bear wallet 

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14 comentarii

  1. amazing top!:)) love the zipper on the back! great photos! :)*

    1. Ah, thank you Tyna and also thank you for all the lovely words you have always said to me! You are such a sweetheart, so glad Blogger allows me to reply to comments now!

  2. These are some really cool pictures. I love the lights at nighttime.

  3. The top is really nice, I like the colour and the zipper keeps it from being a simple green top :)
    Nice details.

  4. purple and green looks amazing! nice combination!

  5. I love the purple scarf, you look really good. And I love the green top. xxx

  6. I love the zip down the back!

  7. Thanks for your Comment. Very nice Blog. I follow you.

  8. Love the back of this shirt...very cute! Thank you for the comment...yes we should follow each other. I'm following you now, hope you'll follow back! xo

  9. Thanks for the lovely comment :)
    That wallet is amazing, and I like the blouse!

  10. great blog!!
    folling you :)


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