Urban Ballerina

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It was a sunny day when I first saw it. I had just finished my shopping session and I was penniless when I looked behind into the Zara shopping windows and there it was! Perfect, white, with a white python print, heart-shaped and with the perfect length. I was so dissapointed because it would have matched my new nude platforms so divine!

Two weeks later, I had the greatest chance: the anual ball organised by our highschool had a "Black&White" dress code. I managed to convince my mother of the urgent need of it (although I have plenty of black dresses but eh..I had no such thing as an white one!) and with the support of my aunt, she finally gave in.  After I bought it, I took these photos because I was ecstatic and then I went out with my family to have a lovely lunch at one of my favorite restaurants. You can see that the 'light issue' hadn't crossed my mind! What can I say, I'm so clumsy, it was all too good to be true, but I am sure you can notice the details I was talking about. The white python print is definetely my ultimate love or wait, is it the fabric- or the heart-shape?

I like to match white with pastel and nude tones. Of course, I have also included a photo from the ball (after the break), where I chose to match it a nude Musette belt and some simple but effective pearls. Also after the break, you will find a lovely sketch of a ballerina (by S.) which was inspired by this outfit post.

RO: Am observat că în ultimul timp numărul de cititori din România a crescut considerabil, ceea ce mă bucură nespus! V-ar plăcea să scriu postările şi în română? Dacă da, lăsa-ţi un comentariu mai jos :)

Ah..just teasing. :D...

Zara dress, Zara Pumps, Meli Melo scarf used as belt, Accessorize bangles& ring
 And now one of the few photos from the Ball (sorry for the bad quality):
 And the sketch I was talking about:

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16 comentarii

  1. gorgeous dress! It sure does match your shoes<3 Why do we always stumble upon the gorgeous things when we're broke? haha


  2. When I read the description in my blogger feed reader I was thrown by the idea of a python print, but when I saw these pictures I couldn't believe how chic the dress is! I will definetly be stopping by Zara to check it out!



  3. Wow, it's both modern and somewhat innocent-looking... Yet the print of it and of the scarf make it less so. Gotta love the discreet print :) Also it must me a really beautiful scarf. And I really like your pink bangle.

  4. just love your dress and the sketch!:) xoxo

  5. The dress is so pretty and simple. I'm not a fan of python prints but on your dress it looks adorable! xoxo Demmy

  6. fabulous! xx


  7. That's a lovely dress <3



  8. You look so ladylike, I love it with the pearls. Great look!


  9. you look amazing babe, the dress is so cute!

  10. beautiful dress!

    love your blog, definitely going to follow!

    from, helen at www.thelovecatsinc.com

  11. I love this outfit it's simple but says a lot! I absolutely love the mesh paneling(my favorite trend)!♥
    XO Tatianna

  12. Did you have a date for the ball? ;)


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