The Tourist: Day 1 & 2

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Hello there my dear readers, greetings from Ljubljana! I promised I would try to keep you updated and as I have an amazing internet connection here in Slovenia I thought this would be a great time to tell you what I've been up to in the last couple days.

Day 1 - I left my lovely town and arrived in Debrecen, Hungary. It was not my first time there so I knew  most of the places. I love Debrecen for its peace, traquility and the impressive variety of flowers. However, I was even more happy when we discovered a great Square yesterday. I didn't have my camera with me so I attached some of the Instagram photos I took with my phone in this post.

Day 2 -  I've spent a great part of today in the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana. I have to say that it's been the revelation of my holiday so far! I expected the great things to come in Florence but there is something whimsical about this little capital! Its arhitecture reminds me very much of Prague and I love its castle and cobbled streets. 

My outfit is very comfy and not so fashionable but try to consider the fact that I've been travelling by car in the last few days. I tried a colorblocking effect though. I am so grateful for this incredible holiday, it's just the greatest gift I could get as I love travelling so much. Also, I love how I can talk in English around here! 
I wish you all an amazing week!

Zara top, Zara denim shirt, Marks&Spencer shorts, Bata flats, Wholesale bag, Bershka purse




And a photo from the lovely Debrecen ( @marymanaila -Instagram):

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  1. sounds like a great trip! Hope you have a good time!

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  2. Great photos, looks like you've had fun!:) xx

  3. you look beautiful :))
    have fun :*

  4. Sounds like so much fun! These are such beautiful photos. I really love the outfit you are wearing here - gorgeous colours and a lot of personality!

  5. Really cute casual look, I love your bag :)

  6. casual, simple yet stylish!:) and hey i love your top<3
    thanks for leaving me a nice comment anyway, sure i'd like to follow each other so now I'm following you via GFC:) now it's your turn to follow me back.


  7. very nice look!

  8. very nice, follow me back at


  9. You look great! xoxo Demmy

  10. so cool you are in Ljubljana! have a lot of fun ;)


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