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When you're in your teenage years, you have to shop carefully for a while, because you don't know what the final shape of your body will be, nor your shoe size. Two years ago, I felt blessed to notice the latter remained constant so I thought :"What the hell? Let's buy dozens of colorful flats and different party heels, I can wear them FOREVER! ". Wrong Mary, you were so wrong...I noticed I was between sizes when it finally got warm and and I was excited to go back to my beloved 7 pairs of Zara flats. Surprise!! I was in excruciating pain as I was trying each and every one of them. 

Okay, maybe I can squeeze my toes when I have a party to attend and heels are required ( Cinderella's stepsisters style! ). But on a daily basis? No way. So, I hardly brought myself to spend my spring shopping budget (which took so long to acquire) on two leather pairs of flats, which should be enough for now. You must be thinking I couldn't buy anything 'trendy' as a result but I had the fortune to find one of the pairs in an emerald shade. Color of the year declared by Pantone, I love it so much and I can't wait to show them in a future post!

Until then, here is the other pair from Bata, I went for cafe au lait shade because I'm obsessed with this color palette and it's classy and versatile. I found this coat at the New Look sales, I love the feminine design and how it emphasizes my waist. 

What about you, my dear reader, any successful spring shopping yet?

Bata Flats, New Look Coat, Zara top, Zara pants, Zara bag, Zara necklace

outfit1 details I&I
My fashionable princesses!
I. is wearing: Zara sweater, Zara jeans, Zara shirt, Zara bag, Zara shoes 
The other fabulous I. is wearing: Zara jacket, Levi's Jeans , Converse shoes
Can you guess who is my sister haha?

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