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I can't believe I'm starting school in a couple of days! It has been an incredible, fun, full -yet too short summer. I found these lovely photos I took in Thasos in the day we went around the island and visited The Marble Beach, The Golden Beach, the luxurious Makryammos complex and the lovely mountain village Panagia.

What I'll always remember about Panagia - besides the incredible cobbled streets and the astonishing view- is that we found a lovely restaurant where I had the best fried zucchinis, heart-shaped ice cream for dessert and shared some great childhood memories with my cousins. That's why I feel like these pictures make this post the perfect one to talk about how I adore Fanta

It's not only the beverage itself- it's what it represents for me. I was 5 and I went with my parents to visit my beloved relatives. I know for sure it was around my birthday- summer. One great thing about my cousin is that whenever we visited them for a couple of days , he would try to to invent a new fun game, or show me a new cartoon or product. Not even an hour after I arrived I see him struggling with a huge Fanta bottle in his arms, claiming it's his new favourite juice. I remember I was nervous because he wanted to pour the drink into the glasses and you know, 4-year old kids aren't exactly bartender material. I was relieved to see not a single drop of that fascinating orange juice was spilled and I was finally able to enjoy it. I agreed with him, it was sweet, cool and fizzy - just like every summer should feel like! The new Fanta commercial brings back all my memories and its soundtrack is amazing, does anyone know who plays it? Enjoy!

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