Paris vs. New York

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This weekend has been a delight- sure, I had tons of projects and school work to do but I also got to sleep 8 hours a night and catch up with the latest news in the fashion world. I love to see new collections every season, and so far I'm truly in love with the Swarovski Fall 2013 Collection. It's not only their classy designs which got my attention, but also the fact that this collection includes a collaboration with Shourouk. I don't know how many of you are familiar with this brand, but I've been following its journey for quite a while and I can state they make my favourite statement necklaces. I don't know how I've missed this incredible collaboration, the prices of the Swarovski &Shourouk pieces are like 25 % of what a Shourouk necklace usually costs. Still, it is too expensive for me so I was lucky to found this Swarovski Coupon Code 2013. I'm still deciding whether I should take the plunge and buy one of the pieces, what's really holding me back is the fact that I'm saving up for a trip to Paris.

Speaking of Paris, when I decided I wanted to do a set and Polyvore in order to show you the Swarovski jewellery I found myself wondering- should this be a feminine outfit with a dash of Parisian chic or a casual attire, a la New York? Why not do both? My point is that this collaboration has resulted in some pieces of an imense versatility,  I can definitely see how these statement earrings and cuff work with boyfriend jeans and some funky shoes as well. 

Would you go all Paris or New York? 

PS: Isn't that Chanel nude bag the most incredible bag you've seen in a while? God, I hope they'll still make it in 10 years when (maybe) I'll afford it.


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  1. I have been in Paris already but not in New York yet. I really want to !♥

    Visit ym blog :

  2. I love how the New York City girl is actually dressed weather appropriate for this time of year here;) Also rocking those light jeans in the fall!

  3. Awesome post :)

    NEW POST...

  4. Just saved them to my inspiration folder! Great job!

  5. Both of those looks are absolutely perfect! I would love to go to both Paris and New York.

  6. I love the Paris look and the Parisian vibes. Have a great weekend dear.
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

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    flw me and tell where u’ve followed me!

  8. Love both looks! :)


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