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The last two weeks have been the busiest of this year so far! Two important exams, lots of trips, graduation, being valeditorian of my year and actually having to prepare a speech for the occasion, the prom and even a wedding in my family. Imagine how hard it was for me to find time to fit into my schedule the shoot for the dress I designed in collaboration with Fame&Partners! Every single day I would wake up and see the gourgeous powder peach gown hanging near my desk and I would say: "This is the day! I have to show my readers how it looks!", but then something terrible would happen like four days of straight rain or an unexpected departure.

We tried to capture all the little details you can't see on the site, like how the intricate lace has a 3D effect, with that extra layer of florals. Also, you can notice how the dress isn't actually see-through on the sides. When I started creating this dress I knew that I wanted an open back dress, but I was concerned about the bra situation. As always, the Fame&Partners team was amazing and ensured me they would do a special support thing in the front- similar to a corset. It turned out great, you can dance your heart out on your big night and not have to worry about anything falling out of place!

Now, a little bit about how I styled it: I chose some nude open-toe sandals because the summer vibes got to me, but you can easily match it with some elegant nude shoes (or something baby blue- like those Gianvito Rossi pumps that stole our hearts this season). My watch is a golden rose shade, but pure golden would work as well! As for the earrings, I have to admit I'm still on the quest for a statement pair! Any affordable suggestions anyone? So far I've only found Chanel earcuffs or J. Crew chandelier earrings online (a girl can dream). For the hair, I went for an easy peasy sock bun- why did no one tell me it only takes two minutes to make and yet it looks so fabulous?

I really look forward to hearing what you think about the concept of the dress and the collaboration, my dear readers! Brace yourselves for plenty of photos:
MARY MANAILA X FAME&PARTNERS dress, Zara shoes, Fossil watch

IMG_2250 IMG_2453 IMG_2245 IMG_2436 IMG_2344 IMG_2402 IMG_2259 IMG_2460 IMG_2292 IMG_2216 IMG_2420 IMG_2253 IMG_2434 IMG_2240 IMG_2383 IMG_2242 IMG_2299 IMG_2400 IMG_2228 IMG_2280 IMG_2435 IMG_2254 IMG_2335 IMG_2322 IMG_2405 IMG_2224

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  1. That dress is literally amazing and gorgeous and perfect for a formal event! It's so flowy and elegant with the lace and colors, almost like some sort of light dress in Pride and Prejudice or something! Amazing job, and so smart with the front support~

  2. beautiful dress! Great job <3

  3. looks so great, you're really beautiful

  4. That dress is so gorgeous. I really want that dress so bad!

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  6. this dress is stunning!
    such a timeless piece!


  7. Ce bine iti sta si ce frumoasa este culoarea rochiei !<3


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