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Summer Florals

With my college admission exams coming up, I find myself most of the times at home, studying for the important moment. But how do I keep my sanity when all I see is my room and a pile of books on my desk? I have four different activities which I alternate, depending on how much spare time I allow myself a day. First of all, I watch Audrey Hepburn's movies again. There are so many details in "Sabrina" or "Funny Face" which I haven't noticed before, I'm thinking about making a post about Audrey's exquisite work. Secondly, I watch my favourite TV shows from time to time- the "Game of Thrones" finale was certainly an epic one, I loved it! Then, I have my usual get-together with my friends (pictured above on the right) where we complain about our studying and the fact we won't get to see each other on a daily basis next year and we indulge in some fancy desserts.

Last but not least, I do a lot of "virtual window shopping" especially because there are a lot of summer sales going on right now. That's why summer is my favourite season: best sales, fresh fruits , great weather to go out with your friends and the endless possibilities you have when it comes to your outfits. For example,  I have discovered some amazing printed dresses at Gliks like the floral number you can see in the set above. It's so fresh and flowy, and I've also come across to these Gliks coupons online! I will definitely keep an eye on this brand in the near future, I really love their creative cuts and patterns.

You may remember another brand I love from my old posts, Sanuk. I featured their "Dotty" espadrilles a couple of times here, but this summer they have taken the "print trend" to a whole different level. Just see for yourself in the set I made bellow, I need all those pairs! For all the sales lovers (just like me) who would love to own a pair of their new collection you can use these Sanuk coupons and see my favourite models for yourself:

Think Pink

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7 comentarii

  1. I love window shopping! And good luck on your exams. I haven't taken hard exams like that yet but i know the pressure of having to do well! ~ Mckenzie xx

  2. Good luck with the exams. Window shopping is a great distraction - love these selections.

  3. I love Game of Thrones! I sometimes have trouble keeping up with all the names and different conflicts going on though.

  4. Hello there! Ma interesa sa stiu de unde iti cumperi acel Arizona Green Tea din Romania :D Merci mult.
    Great job with the blog! Good luck for the upcoming exams!

    1. Eu il cumpar din Auchan, dar am observat acum cateva zile ca au si in OMV-uri :)

  5. Love this collage!

  6. Hi Mary,

    love your style! I'm a fan of Audrey Hepburn too :) Who isn't? :)

    I'm hosting a fascinator giveaway on my blog: I hope you and your readers can drop by if you have time.




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