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♪ New Day- Jay Z & Kanye West  (Watch the Throne)♪

I've always loved birthdays, but I have to admit I was freaking out a bit about my 20th. I finally feel like it's the absolute end of the teenage years (funny now, what should I do about the name of the blog? When I started it in the 9th grade I was like "I'm gonna name it 'Teen Fashion Diary' because most likely it won't last more than a couple years"). Young adult life: ON. I live far from my family now, I'll have a car with me at the university starting this fall, I have to cope with being on the budget and focus on my studies. 

Fortunately, turning 20 was actually an incredible experience: it was on the last day of my holiday in Rhodes: I had a good swim in the morning, an amazing lunch with my family at my favorite place in Ixia, Elysee and a long walk in the old town of Rhodos where I did a special shoot (you'll see it soon, you know how I love to mark my birthdays on the blog with photo shoots).

And the most unexpected thing about my birthday: the gifts. I usually post one photo on Instagram and that's it, but yesterday I was in the mood of taking photos and nobody ever wants to model for me (yes, lil' sis, I'm talking about you) so I ended up taking these shots.. You see, this year even my parents and best friends gave me my birthday gifts with a month in advance- and I'm grateful because I got to use my iphone 6 an extra month of my summer vacation this way. Before we took off for Rhodes, my cousins came up with a surprise: they got  me 'Fangirl' by Rainbow Rowell and some amazing 'Game of Thrones' posters. Rainbow Rowell in honestly my favorite author at the moment and this book is perfection.What never ceases to amaze me about Rainbow Rowell is that you can always find yourself in her main characters. Still, Cath, the heroine of 'Fangirl' remains the one I can relate to most: maybe it's her sense of humour, or the 'Kanye emergency parties' she throws, or the fact that she writes fanfiction with an astonishing devotion and has a romanticized idea of love. 

When I arrived in Rhodes and found so many great shops I made the decision to get some gifts for myself from my savings. As much as I love the gifts from my family, they don't see the point in getting an YSL lipstick for example and I just wanted to spoil myself a little in order to remember this birthday forever.
I feel blessed and I want to thank all my loved ones for always supporting me and making my 20th birthday the best!

My absolute favorite gift I got myself: a pair of Nike Airmax. I found the last pair in the Nike shop in Rhodes on our last night there (my actual birthday) just 10 minutes before the store closed. They were on sale and I just felt like the luckiest girl on Earth.

My YSL lipstick: nobody got the importance of this gift but me, yet I told them "my readers will understand best"

ysl lipstick 2

"Watch the Throne" album by Jay Z and Kanye- it was the gift from my cousin Monica. When we arrived home there was a surprise "Minions" birthday cake for me and my little sister (our bdays are 4 days apart) and some cool pom poms she made herself (I'm taking my pink one in my dorm room for sure) and also this album I've been dreaming about in a long timeee.

fangirl ysl minions cake
The "Minions" birthday cake
The adorable pom pom

prada candy
Prada Candy from my aunt and uncle- they heard me couple weeks ago freaking out because I've run out of it.
chroma palette
Sephora Chroma Color Palette- I got this in the July sales at a great price because I ran out of eyeliners and my smokey eye palette broke a couple months ago and I told myself "I deserve to get ONE special gift for my 20th birthday"- little did I know I would go on a shopping spree in Rhodes with the same motto a month later haha. 

mango belt
I love the Mango in Rhodes- they have an amazing selection and I'm sure I'll wear these jeans the whole autumn.

nike airmax 2 iphone six

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  1. Happy B-day dear, enjoy your gifts! I know that feeling you were talking about: I love and appreciate the presents that I receive, but oh, how I love buying myself a well deserved treat. Kisses!:)

  2. Happy Birthday! It sounds like it was a blast and you got some amazing presents!!

  3. It seems like a great stuff for your 20th birthday. I liked that minion cake. It’s very creative. I will also turn 20 soon and would like to host a dance party at one of my favorite event venue NYC. I hope that the venue would be available on that day!

  4. Girls fashion and their age are always inversely proportional. You have fantastic stuff on this blog that keep the girls young and beautiful with you fashion tips. Being a fashion artist I really appreciate your efforts and work.
    Love from Royal Lady


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