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♪ Moonlight Breakfast- My baby ♪

Oh my, summer is over and I just can't believe it! I've had the worst last day of summer this year with some unexpected health issues but I'm well now. Before the health scare I had some amazing days though: I had a slumber party with my best friend (= movie marathon, playing lots of cards, cocktails and delicious pizza), lots of night rides, saw 'Paper Towns' -it's the only book by John Green I haven't read and I loved the movie, although I read that the movie is disappointing compared to the book aand: I got to see my favorite Romanian band play live- Moonlight Breakfast. I was so excited and they were magic, it's such an exhilarating feeling to know all the lyrics by heart and be able to enjoy top quality music!

Just one day before the concert, I got a very special delivery: my JORD watch! JORD is an incredibly creative company that designs wooden watches . When they contacted me for a collaboration I was over the moon because I've wanted a wooden watch for some time and I thought it was the sweetest way to mark my 20th birthday. I chose the 'Ely Maple' , a timeless and feminine piece. When I received it I was most surprised about its lightness - sometimes I forget I have it on my wrist! I also fell in love with the the type of wood they use for this model- maple, so suave.

I admire everything this St. Louis born company stands for- they chose one particular path in the watch industry- the wooden watches and they never stop creating new shapes, finding new types of wood and dying their models in vivid colors. It's true I chose a neutral tone (you know me and my obsession with nude shades) but you should check their Wooden Watches For Sale to see their scarlet red ones, so alive and playful! I also love the attention my watch has gotten, everyone is surprised to see a wooden watch and couple of my friends actually started wishing to get one as well- should I hope for a 'Wooden Watch Club' in the near future?

Zara palazzo pants, Primark top, JORD  Wooden Wristwatch , Moschino bag, Humanic espadrilles
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  1. It is definitely hard to believe that summer is over. Sigh! I love that watch and everything about this outfit. You look gorgeous!

  2. hey! you look great! love the primark top


  3. great post :) kisses!


  4. Great outfit! The wood watch is gorgeous!


  5. The Zara's Palazzo pants looked so good on you. Glad that you've recovered and feeling great now =)


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