Double Denim

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♪ Kendrick Lamar - HUMBLE. ♪

Codrina took these photos of me quite a while ago but many exciting things happened in my life this past month. I missed blogging dearly, but when I can't dedicate to one thing 100% I  tend to back out of it. I couldn't be more grateful for my family and friends surrounding me in the wake of these changes. I also finally got to meet my niece, who is such a beautiful & joyful baby, which made me feel even luckier. The arrival of a pure soul into this world just makes you more aware! Also a big factor for my good mood for the past two weeks has been Kendrick Lamar's brand new album, DAMN. I just can't stop listening to it, All the tracks have Bible references and crazy beats, with jazz  and R&B (listen to LOVE. if you want groovy) tones. What's mind-blowing is the ending of the album- DUCKWORTH. which tells the REAL story of how: "You take two strangers, and put 'em in random predicaments; give 'em a soul /So they can make their own choices and live with it".

On to fashion, this outfit is very dear to me, because I wanted to show you how I actually dress on a daily basis. I swear by my Converse shoes and my ALDO backpack. I used to wear a huge handbag in highschool and in the first two years of college, but the books I carry to university are too heavy, so I decided to go for a backpack this year. I loved the fabric and the texture, and the mix of colors on it makes it so easy to match it! I got my backpack last summer, in Cluj, when I attended the UNTOLD festival, so whenever I have with it I remember how much fun I had. Also something I would like to emphasize with this look: I have always been obsessed  with DOUBLE DENIM. Even when it's not "in" I still love to mix and match denim. This Mango denim shirt is my ultimate love when it comes to the denim pieces I own. I also have a cool story attached to it, it was so expensive and I got it the day I saw Rihanna live last summer, which meant I was on a budget for the rest of my stay in Bucharest, but it was totally worth it!



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