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I wanted to post a regular fashion post today, but after making these two Pavlova cakes I felt like it should be one of those introspective blog posts I tend to do sometimes. I will not talk about my personal resolutions for 2018, I just want to take a moment to be grateful for what 2017 has given me : a new home, where I can bake just how much I like, a major love for a subject in Med School which I did not expect, a better approach to my health issues, stronger relationships with my friends,  an ability to prioritize better. That being said, it's hard to think that 2018 can be better, but I hope it stays just as good.

Still, when your personal life is so great, you tend to forget the issues our world is facing. When I was young, I would watch these comedies where everyone would mock the contestants in a pageant because they all said they wanted " world peace". And obviously, they didn't know how it could be achieved. I remember telling myself at 6 that when I would be older I would discover how you can do this. I'm 22, and I'm still clueless. I found probably the most inspiring speech of 2017 for me, a couple days ago. And I will leave you with the statement that I can resonate on so many levels:

"Ours is a world at an epic intersection, driven by the confluence of deepened globalization and disruptive technologies. We are at the brink of a fourth industrial revolution, which is redefining how we function as societies and how we relate to one another as human beings. Our hyper-connected world is at once bringing people closer together and widening the divisions between them."
- HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS CROWN PRINCE AL HUSSEIN BIN ABDULLAH II at the UN General Assembly, September 2017 (you can read the whole transcript here).

Therefore, without getting political, what I really want for 2018 is a safer world. With less tension and tragedies, less rash decisions taken by some world leaders. And I know it's completely out of my hands, but I can pray for it. And I will also pray that, if you are reading this, will have an incredible 2018. Full of love, laughter and good memories. Know when it's time to go out and take a break, but also don't forget to focus on your work. Find a balance, and if you're not happy with what you're doing right now, take a leap of faith. Be brave, be bold, be kind, but most importantly, be the best version of yourself!

Have fun at your party tonight! 
Kisses and hugs, Mary

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