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I must admit that out of all the fashion trends, I didn't jump right in on tote bags. In my fashionista years, I don't think you would have ever caught me wearing them, I had all these fabulous large bags with plenty of room to carry stuff (but which were also heavy, so I exchanged them for backpacks a couple of years ago).

This summer we traveled to Spain, and we noticed both in Madrid and Barcelona most people would carry tote bags. So we got our own tote bag from a store (we chose one in the colors of the Pride flag, I still love to carry it), because we would always have bottles of water and sunscreen cream with us. That's when we both learned tote bags are a game changer, they're so light and easy to travel with! The moment we returned to Romania, we both started wearing them on a regular basis. 

Still, to me a tote bag is a great accessory to make a fashion statement. It's like a blank canvas waiting to be filled with your favorite prints/quotes/stories. That's when I got the idea I have to have one with Adrian's illustrations on it, and I'm so happy we were able to find a print on demand brand which would also align with our sustainability principles, while making a high quality product. You can find Adrian's illustrations printed on different items in his Printoteca shop or you can enter the GIVEAWAY I'm hosting on my Instagram here, where you can win a product of your choice from the shop!

And while we're on the subject of fashion statements, I am absolutely in love with my new joggers, designed by Smaranda Almasan. It's the first time I actually had to courage to try sequin pants, I just always imagined they would be difficult to wear and I would have to be extra careful, but luckily these are joggers, so they're so comfy I even took them out for a walk on this hill. It's also the first time I own something in the houndstooth pattern, and I'll admit I'm hooked, I've already decided on my next buy: a houndstooth top!

Smaranda Almasan joggers, Mango sweater, Salted Lemon tote bag, Adidas sneakers 

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