About me

Mary Manaila, 20, blogger/photographer, from Romania

Who am I and why do I blog?  

I'm just a young adult (back when I started the blog I was just 15, a teenager, who would have thought I would keep blogging for such a long time? ) who loves photography , fashion, music, good books and writing. I dream high, I get inspired by the people that had an amazing impact and revolutionized the fashion industry, and they're one of the reasons I keep doing this, because they're the constant reminder that some will succeed!

Then it would be the OBSESSION itself. It's such a creative world, the fashion world and it gives me hope, inspiration and strenght to go on! My outfits speak,  I dream pieces esembled together that would make a statement, I try to picture what's the life of fashion editors or streetstyle photographers like.
Let's not forget the feedback! It doesn't necessarilly feeds my ego, it assures me I made the right decission sharing my life online, offering entire hours of my life to make this right.

I still got plenty of time to know myself, and this is an open invitation for you to get to know me better too :)