*** Edit: I wish I could publish more amazing questions I've been getting from my readers but they are very specific and I'm finding it hard to answer in a short period of time because of the great amount! Ask me a question on my ASK.fm if you need an urgent reply.

Ever since I opened the blog, I received many emails from teenagers just like me, who are still trying to figure out their style. You can write me all your questions at marymeetsfashion@gmail.com , but I just thought that this selection with the common I received would help you:

''I love fashion and try to keep up with it but nobody else dresses like me, they all dress sporty, but i am a girly girl. Should i change and be a tomboy or stay different? i guess the question is is it okay to be different?''
Answer: I am a girly girl myself if you noticed from the outfits from the blog and I am always asked by my mates why don't I dress a little more rocker chic. I was very insecure at your age and I used to wear something to represent both thesetwo styles. Of course, I wasn't happy with my look so one day I just started dressing how I felt like. My friends don't necessarily agree with my choices, just how I sometimes don't agree with theirs but at the end of the day the people who really care about you will support you no matter shoes you're wearing haha. It's okay to be different- how would this planet look if we were all the same?

''I only get $30 a month in allowance, and i obviously cant get a job, so how can i save money while shopping?'''
Answer: Great question, I have the same budget. I shop from Zara, mango, Bershka, Topshop etc but most of the time at sales after I have been saving my allowance for three months. Don't worry about not finding the right things for the next season- this winter, I found two fabulous pairs of flats in sales which will suit me so well for the spring! I know- patience is the hardest thing in the process- I look at the everyday and I hope sunny days will eventually come.

''How can you tell if clothes fit you right?''
Answer: Well, you should first be able to know the shape of your body- there are lots of articles online about it. I have a small waist and quite big hips for example so I usually wear lots of belts or tops which emphasize my waist. Also take the chromatic problem into consideration- not all the shades will suit your figure( Oh God, you should see me wearing yellow haha!)

"Do you organize where you'll be taking the picture and what you'll be wearing or do you take pictures when you want? "
Answer: I try to select the spot, yes, if I'm in my hometown because my city barely has any nice places. The pick of the outfit is 100% spontaneous. I tried to plan my outfit once or twice but I wasn't satisfied at all and got a better idea. When I travel it's a whole different story, I love how creative I get whenever I'm in a new region/country.

"I would love to have a blog like your but i dont know how because iv just started blogging, how do you edit your blog so well??"

Answer: It wasn't easy for me and I am still trying to figure out whether the design is appealing or not. Basically, you have to focus on what represents you, but be careful: you don't want everything to be cluttered, or else your readers will find it very hard to read and like. Also, the emphasis is quite on the photos nowadays for fashion bloggers, unless you write trend reports on your blog and then the writing is the most valuable. Be careful with the fonts and also try to make your blog user friendly like adding a 'search box' , your email and a page about yourself. These are just few tips, if you need something more specific, do not hesitate to write me again!

"I love your style and your clothes, but also your skin! My face isn't as beautiful as yours and people make nasty comments at school and I hate this. Help me, please, how do I make myself beautiful?"
Answer: If people make fun of you it's either because they are shallow or mean OR because they are insecure about their look as well and they take advantage of your opinion about yourself. In order to gain their admiration you have to learn to accept yourself first. Take a look in the mirror and notice your best features! Love what you see, because you are unique and special! If you ever use makeup, use it only to enhance your best feature, not to cover up your imperfections. The perfect little imperfections are what gives a girl a special glow & confidence, lots of confidence!

"So, uhm. Like my style is JUST casual. I'd like to change my style into something that is (very) stylish yet original. How should I dress? What accessories should I wear? I have NO IDEA how to dress super stylish but still original. :/ And could you please give me fashion, health and beauty tips that have helped you or that you'd recommend? I'd love to hear them!"

Answer: First of all, I need to point out that you need to start investing in timeless pieces. I still have some 3/4 lenght pants I bought in that period which are still highly fashionable and they match all my outfits. Simple doesn't mean boring, especially at the moment when minimalistic style ( i.e Celine, Cos , Stella) is the coolest thing. I don't know how you feel about heels, but if you don't fancy them ( as I do) you should consider buying some really funky flats, which stand out from the crowd, yet still match most of your looks. I have florals, leopard printed, glittery and even some black ones with little silver skulls all over them! Be careful though, you don't want to end up with a huge bow or a shape that doesn't flatter your feet. Brogues are also a great idea, I would go for some nude or beige ones. I have recently bought a pair of flatforms from H&M , they are so cool and comfy and everybody is stunned, half of my mates are already looking to buy some pairs themselves.
The accessories are my favourite part. Don't end up like me, with over 40 huuge bracelets in your closet, although they are all so special. I think it's good to buy both bracelets and bangles( bangles should be either wildly coloured or golden- silver is out!) that would match with your clothes, complement it, or even emphasize them. It is mandatory that you buy a statement necklace! This may seem crazy, but I think it's actually the best investment! You can wear it on special ocassions, when you are in your holiday, or just pair it with a white top and coloured blazer. It works for every season, especially in fall when it's hard to find cool boots or wear skirts ( at least in my country; it keeps snowing for at least two months every year!) and layering is the best option. Layering is the most magical thing, because if you know how to combine to two textures, prints and colors you get the most unique look! It's also a sensitive issue , because sometimes some layers might be over the top. Don't go for things that don't flatter your body just because they are wonderful and trendy ( ah, I will never be able to wear a peplum!!) and for colours that don't look well on your skin ( IT color of the next season is that shade of purple that resembles the Bordeaux wine, by the way).

As for beauty tips, I have a really sensitive skin so I don't use that much. My motto is that a best makeup a woman can wear is her smile :) However, I do believe you should use it to emphasize a feature. I only insist on my eyes because my eyes look 1000 times better when I apply eyeliner ( I have so many colours- it's so cool for the makeup to match your outfit!). I don't really use it to mask things, but just for the things I feel that makeup can improve.