Places to find me

I love social media and the idea of constantly keeping in touch with my readers! I use so many apps and I'm on so many platforms , so don't hesitate to write/tweet/comment at:

Facebook (I post whenever there's a new outfit/ inspiration)

Bloglovin' (such a great way to follow blogs!)

Twitter (ramblings, likes and dislikes of a chocoholic)

Instagram - genius, my favourite at the moment!

Tumblr- Inspiration, motivational quotes, decor tips & food photos - my looks & revealing descriptions...

Pinterest - What can I say, I'm a Pin-up girl sometimes!

WeHeartIt- I heart this platform so much!

Polyvore- I wouldn't be able to do my moodboards and collages without it.

Formspring- You can ask me anything, I won't bite.