Is England cool or WHAt?

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Okay, I cannot properly describe how terribly sorry I am for not posting in such a long time, I know I don't have any excuse, especially that I'm in the summer holiday now, but it just felt so good, hanging out with my friends all day log that I kinda lost contact with anything from "fashion world" and ""virtual world", really!

Yet, I decided that my return post would reveal something about my personality and life in general, just to show you how much I love blogging. When I was 8, my parents decided that I have to learn English in order to achieve things easier in the present (you all may have noticed that English isn't my native language!!! ). Well, you know how anyone can learn it with a good tutor, but I was a lucky person, and by that I mean that I learned it so natural and easy, and I instantly felt in love with all the history , the food and the British culture. I really hope that someday I will get to visit London, because I have this whole tour prepared with sketches, maps and even a hotel in mind prepared since last year and still developing! haha

It was a few weeks ago, when I saw an impressive movie, an Oscar nominee one, The King's Speech that I decided that I should share this online , because I' ve always had a thing for the British accent, five o'clock tea, the royal family...LONG story SHORT, I took couple of photos with the only thing in our house from London, a Gap T-shirt.


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  1. sure, United Kingdom is soo col :D I would really like to got a british accent, and I got a t-shirt with the british flag, you can see it on my blog, your t-shirt is too so cool, just like England :D and you too, and your blog too )

  2. Lovely post! I think its great to learn another language at an early age. As a native english speaker from the US, its not very common that we are taught any other language unless we ourselves choose to peruse it! Really wish I had learned another language! Hope you get to go to england soon! Where are you from?

  3. Hi there gorgeous girl!! Adorable post with adorable you!! And ohh, you have the most wonderful comment on my post sweetheart! Couldn't thank you enough, coz it means HUGEE to me! And I will def be your follower aswell. ;D Can't wait for the next post! I'll drop by and read some more. :))

    Hug and kiss kiss,


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