Friday, 30 September 2011

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Fringe is always in (MY) style! or...How my family always save the day!

Remember this post where I was telling you about my new camera?

Well, these are actually the first pictures I took using it. Actually, it's not me who took them (obiously!), it was my cousin Ioana, who is a technology genius/little fashionista at the age of 11. I know the pictures don't look that great, it's not the camera's fault but Ioana did try to do her best with a professional camera!
I actually look decent here, thanks to her, although I am teribly sick at the moment. And, even though I carry tissues everywhere, it's still warm outside so I've decided to show some legs, since there are not so many pictures with me in a midi skirt around here if you wonder.

The bag is a bag I've been dreaming of the whole summer! I saw it at Motivi back in June but it was too much for my budget and when I got back for sales I couldn't find it anywhere. Oh well, I sighed and moved on.
However, my extraordinary aunt found it at the final clearance at a quarter of the original price + a matching necklace! I chose to wear them with the most comfortable dress on Earth- from Bershka and my Zara flats.

I still have my "to do" list a fashion blogger and decor is quite a big issue, but at least this time is not a white wall, so give me some credit, please?

Monday, 26 September 2011

Monday Muse: Ioana

Ioana, at Vogue Fashion Night Out, Paris, September 2011

This Monday's Muse happens to be one of the people that inspired me to start this amazing and interesting journey in the online world. Meet Ioana Liliana from Fashezine , a magic blog which I love visiting anytime. It's not only the flawless outfits and the impressive collection of shoes I love(you know me with my Miu Miu obsession!) , but also all the stories, the food journal and all the great tutorials and DIY posts. 
The photos are flawless, the design is so unique and Ioana is such a sweetheart when it comes to her readers.

 As for her style, she knows best how to mix feminine accents with pastel tones or interresting prints and she is one of the few people I've ever seen to rock white stockings. Each outfit tells a story , and, on top of that , decors are always breathtaking.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Vogue on Vogue

Hello lovelies, how have you been? I am sick once again and the school is quite rough , so I'm still trying to figure out how to balance blogging and daily activities. As I wrote before , I got myself a new camera and everytime I have a spare minute I usually take couple of shots. 

I actually like how the ones with my Mango necklace came out and I chose to post them because I don't think I have ever posted a look on the blog with me wearing a Mango item so far. It's not that I don't own and love many, it's just something that I can't explain myself, I should definetely try one "All Mango " look soon, because the clothes are waiting patiently in my closet.

So this necklace of mine ...well, it is actually one of my favorite jewelry because it's a light turqoise and it has this little sparkles, not to mention the central piece. It goes with everything and it's just a simple and feminine touch to any outfit. Mango accessories are amazing, really now, I saw an "apple necklace" back in my trip to Prague and I can't get it out of my head!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011


 Sneak peak of my future outfit post!

Okay, I know for sure that I have complained thousands of times around here of how I'm never able to save enough money to buy a decent camera.
Well, I kept silence and..after some months of what I call "sober shopping"(translation: it means you don't buy everything you think it sparkles in the shop and when you get home you realise you don't have that many clothes to match it with) I finally made it!
Now, it's not a super fancy&complicated one as I would have dreamed , but it's semi-professional, FUJIFILM, and I can assure you it's complicated enough after all, haha!
I'm still learning the basics, so please be kind until I actually learn to take impressive photos, or at least close to that.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Monday Muse: Barbara Palvin

Barbara Palvin by Emma Tempest for Dansk A/W 2011.

If you are a fan/follower of my Tumblr I'm sure you must have noticed my constant posting of Barbara's work. She is my favorite model at the moment (but I still LOVE Abbey , remember?).
18 year old. Hungarian model. Been in Vogue , L'Officiel , is present at the fashion shows. She might be the next "it girl", at least considerring the trending on Tumblr.

"I want to be the best. I want to do all the shows"
-Barbara Palvin

PS: So so sorry for the lack of posts, again! I've been really sick , but I am better now and let me just tell you this: EXCITING CHANGES TO COME ON THE BLOG REALLY SOON!

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Little Treasures

 Oh my! This cape is driving me crazy, especially combined with the pussy bow blouse! Amazing!

As I have stated many times on here, I am an avid lover of what I call "virtual window shopping". I love finding all these shops and boutiques online, that I wouldn't probably have the chance to visit in real life.

Therefore, whenever I find a lovely place online, which seems trustworthy and with qualitative clothes, I like to spread the word, both online and offline. And well, I figured out a while ago, what a better place to write my thoughts other than my blog, where all of you, my dear readers are  stylish people, with a high taste in fashion.

And my last find is.. Ellos! When I came across to it, for the first time, I was rather intigued by their motto: "Welcome to Scandinavian style", since the domain was from UK. However, it didn't take me long to discover that Ellos is a long established brand in Sweden recently launched to the UK. 

The welcome of the page was warm&nice enough and I really like the styles offered for this season such as "Granny Glam" or "Fantasy Folk".
I couldn't help but notice they do faux fur, pussy bow blouses and different prints for this particular fall, still with a clean and simple line. I have made a selection of my favorite things I'm considerring to buy at some point:

Sunday, 11 September 2011

So don't go!


Wow, my last day of holiday. It all seemed just too little for me, I can't beleive I have to focus on my studies again and that quite scares me, because I don't know how I'll make time to manage the blog. Not to mention all the fashion weeks are happening, how will I be able to set a trend report?

Now, about this outfit: I wore it couple days ago when it was rather chilly so my feet were frozen. I don't think I have ever posted the sandals on my blog, I got them from Bata in July and they have been my favorite ever since because they make my legs look so long plus they are super comfy!

The bag, well...remember my oversized clutch? I forgot to mention the fact you can actually turn it into a regular bag, it is just perfect to wear on a regular basis! Once again, my beloved owl necklace, I know they are not quite in trend this season but my jewelry box is stuffed with owl necklaces , rings and earrings from the last season, so what can I do? You have to admit they send you the message of mistery and wisdom, the owls.

What was I wearing?

Friday, 9 September 2011

Fancy Friday: Slumber Party!

I was the lucky host of a slumber party , organised from my name day, as I'm a Mary. It was incredible, especially that the idea ocurred me right in the middle of the day and I only had couple hours to organise the whole event.

 Altoghether, it came out great, at least from my sweet mates's sayings or considerring the fact we haven't slept  for a minute! Makeup, photoshoots, goodies and chocolate, Vogue magazine marathon- more like a tribute to the fact it was Vogue's Night Out in all the fashionable places all over the world. Also, I have discovered a new dreamy perfume: Gucci Envy Me!

Nevertheless, thank you mommy and daddy for bearing up with all the noise!

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Good things will come my way.

So what if it's fall? We can still COLORBLOCK!

So what if it's fall? We can still COLORBLOCK! by marylu1 featuring a tie shirt

I still can't get used to the idea it is fall now. Nothing changed except the weather, at least until Monday, when school starts again. I can't imagine how I will deal with it since it's such an important year, but I'd rather not think about it, at least for the time being.

I feel so inspired lately, I'm excited for the fashion weeks, even if I'll just have to watch the whole experience on and other sites. I don't get why I should give up to bright colors this fall, I think I'll still keep some accents in my outfits (that's why you see that set above). I just have a good feeling, I'm optimistic, it will be my name day soon (I'm Mary, in case you have forgotten) and I have just realised I haven't done an inspiration post in months!

Monday, 5 September 2011

Sparkle & SpaceShips

These pictures have been taken such a long time ago, but it was more like a spontaneus thing , a dress-up, when I have noticed that all my purchases were such a fit toghether. (Imagine that, from the whole look, only the boots and bag are old).

Anyway, I had something to attend this weekend and I really liked the idea of wearing my fringe top, it's my little treasure from Motivi. And just the moment I was trying it on , it hit me. I had the same idea of an outfit. Maybe it's because I love these kind of boots so bad, and I have spend a little fortune on mines(-no financial support of my parents on that!). Than the bag!!! My mother have dreamed about it for so long until my dad surpised her and bought one in 2008, from Zara. What can I say, it's my favorite gift even if it's not mine .

Sorry for the overhelming effects, but ever since 2010 when Christopher's Kane collection was all about galaxy and stars, I've been obsessed with these.I haven't edited the close-ups so much, because you wouldn't be able to see the beauty and all the details.

Friday, 2 September 2011

Fancy Friday: La-La-Lanvin!!!

 Models Karen Elson & Raquel Zimmerman go 1,2,3,4!!!

I'm sure you have noticed how the internet got wild these days with the Lanvin 2011 fall campaign. The whole fashion sites, on facebook everywhere, it's crazyy!

Okay, I have to admit the video got me too, I mean I'm not a Pitbull fan but the idea seemed so out of the box , comparing to how we see Lanvin. I think it's a good change , they have an open mind and a great vision. The clothes are just breathtaking, at least for the ladies! Well, I can't be that objective, because it's Lanvin and Alber Elbaz we are talking about, I've always had a thing for this brand!!!

Also, take a look at the video (again):