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 Sneak peak of my future outfit post!

Okay, I know for sure that I have complained thousands of times around here of how I'm never able to save enough money to buy a decent camera.
Well, I kept silence and..after some months of what I call "sober shopping"(translation: it means you don't buy everything you think it sparkles in the shop and when you get home you realise you don't have that many clothes to match it with) I finally made it!
Now, it's not a super fancy&complicated one as I would have dreamed , but it's semi-professional, FUJIFILM, and I can assure you it's complicated enough after all, haha!
I'm still learning the basics, so please be kind until I actually learn to take impressive photos, or at least close to that.

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  1. lovely bag!totally boho!i love fringes on bags like this :)

  2. Yayyy!!! you must be so happy to get that camera!! and i love the bag! xxx

  3. Cowboys! Bravo!

  4. Nice bag! :)

  5. Love that bag :) I really like itens with fringe even if I don't have any :)


  6. precioso el bolsito!!

  7. Hai!!:) It thanks for nice comment it ) very! You have brilliant too blog; I will invite you on Twitter as jula_Locanina. I apologize you for all errors very!

  8. OMG I love your blog! Its really cool and your selected images are amazing. I just started blogging a few weeks ago and your comment made me super happy. You are my first blog friend! I am starting fashion design school again next week so I will post more of my work and fashion related stories. I am following you now as well! Lets stay in touch! x

  9. thank you so much mary ♥
    i really liked your bag! (:

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. so hippie, so cool!

    thanks for your sweet words at it up!, mary!



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