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♪ Moonlight Breakfast- Champagne ♪

Merry Christmas, I cannot wait to see what Santa will bring to both you and me! I have been super busy lately, redecorating my room and now I'm finally done, just in time for a very special birthday: my best friend S. turns 18 today!

I love her so much and that's why I decided to bring this column back, at least for this one day! I guess it's hard for me to write just in a few words how much she means to me, and how blessed and grateful I am to have her in my life. She is so optimistic, fun and knows how to stand for her dreams. She also has an incredible fashion sense and you can find the proof at her AMAZING TUMBLR 

Sorry for the quality of the pictures, we took this back in November (I think?) at our prom and the last picture is just a proof of how much she really knows me: she bought me the Moonlight Breakfast CD for Christmas (my favourite band) and my most loved sweets.

I truly wish that you all have at least one special person in your life just like her and I hope you'll have the most peaceful and whimsical Christmas with your family!

Fooling around back in summer.

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