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Me, the Modern Minnie, last Halloween

I was looking at my old outfit posts the other day and I found this cute photoshoot I did last year. And it hit me! What am I going to wear for Halloween this year? Even though it's not a mainstream holiday in Romania, I always pay tribute to it because I found the concept fun and relaxing! For one day, I get to be whoever I want to be and get inspired by different characters/ people. The tons of candies and the cool parties aren't a downside either.

I have no idea what person/creature I should play this year ! Therefore, I started looking for Halloween Costumes Coupons - because I love a good discount and I tend to decide easier when a product is on sale. Still, wouldn't it be better if I went as a fashion icon (famous designer/ fashion editor) ? But what about the Greek Penelope? I can pull off that maxi dress I showed you in the early June. Once again, the endless possibilities that you have thanks to the fashion world and the inspiring things in your life...

I'm going to let you see my three top Halloween 2013 choices so far while I go and search for a great deal on RioCodes.com , hopefully I'll get another costume idea or decide at last:

The NY Fashionista-Not a certain person, just a fabulous resident of The Big Apple. She wears Brian Lichtenberg tees on a regular basis, she can't go anywhere without her Celine Audrey sunnies, she loves to have a cool Proenza Schouler bag on her arm (okay, clutches are accepted as well) and her Iphone 5 has a cute Moschino case (goose or bear, please!). The only problem in me chosing to portray her? I would need a couple of thousands dollars to buy the outfit, I'm pretty sure there isn't a coupon in the world which would help me haha.
PerkyPosters - Narnia Poster A3

Aquamarine Penelope- I already have the dress and the hair, I'm just not sure it would be such a special choice, all my friends have seen me dressed like this before.
Aquamarine Penelope

Lana del Rey- Lana is one of my favourite singers plus she her fashion sense is amazing! I would need some denim cut-outs, a cute crop top, some cool curls and a flower crown. The only issue? It will be too cool around Halloween time, I will freeze!
Sugar, spice& everything nice
Have you thought about your costume yet?

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  1. Absolute cute look :)!!!!!!

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  3. Lovely look!

  4. You looked absolutely amazing! I am also not quite sure what to wear this year. :)

    Style Without Limits

  5. Love your blog ^^


  6. Such an inspirational post!:)I enjoyed reading it I love your blog, too!
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