Sunday, 31 March 2013

Trendy Tangerine & Chicnova GIVEAWAY!


I wrote couple weeks ago for a piece for on the revival of this marvelous shade we call tangerine. That was just about the time when the Chicnova team offered a collaboration and I couldn't resist choosing this vividly colorful clutch & a pink statement necklace which you will see soon on the blog.

And speaking about statement do you like the new teal one that I'm wearing in this post? I got it at an incredible price, plus it matches with most stuff in my closet.

But that's not the only amazing thing Chicnova had planned for this blog! As the first spring giveaway of TeenFashionDiary just ended, it's time for me to announce a new one: 


Now, there are few steps to go through, and you'd better hurry up because this giveaway will only be open for 10 days! Here's what you have to do:

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

"I am Prêt-à-porter!"

♪ Tracy Chapman- Give me one reason♪

No, these pictures weren't taken last autumn, as one would think! In fact, Saturday was the day, there were 0°C and it was even supposed to snow . Well, it is snowing as I am writing this and it feels like December again. Maybe you find it weird that I always have to blog about the weather and I figured in this post I might as well share the reasons behind my choice.

First of all, I have a super sensitive skin and cold always damages it. I am also the first one to catch a cold and the last one to get over it.  But the must important effect weather has on me is the mood swing. Don't you just feel fabulous when you see blossoms everywhere and you can wear whatever you want? Or mad when it's so hot you can't breathe?

This super long winter is something I haven't dealt with before and I have noticed in my outfits two directions: the first one is that I choose to wear clothes vividly colorful and I keep saying to myself that spring can't be so far if I'm wearing this and the second one, where I am pessimistic and just throw black clothes on.

I figured that I might as well find some fabulous black clothes to wear as lately I have been leaning towards the second option. This SheInside coat is the perfect addition to my closet!  The shape, the cut, the layering are everything I could have wished for a coat and I love the idea of a leather vest combined with a jacket.
The message on my white loose T-shirt is : "I am Prêt-à-porter" , I bought it last summer and I just think is so fresh and easy to match with so many clothes and styles.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

The aviator jacket & ponderings


♪ Wild Belle- Another Girl ♪

I can't believe how long I've been holding back from posting these photos! The only reason is that I was hoping not to post these at all because it was a rainy day of spring when I took this and I am STILL waiting for the warm ones but guess's going to snow this weekend! SNOW!  Just when I was just writing my manifesto/farewell to winter...

Oh well, there's another thing which I have been planning to blog about for a long time. It has been over debated , and yet I feel the need to write my thoughts on this as well: 

How come fashion bloggers only highlight the great parts and stories in their life and are more discreet and reserved when it comes to a personal crisis or deception?

First of all, lets remind ourselves that there are a lot of successful fashion bloggers who only write about the outfit they're wearing or simply state the labels. I'm just not that type. I tried to focus only on the fashion aspect for a while, but I feel like there are so many other things you should learn from this blog!
Now, about the main question: Many people say that we usually just want to build a perfect life, and therefore our disappointments are never a subject of discussion, but I would argue that there's more to the story. When you visit the sites you love and you happen to be in an amazing mood, wouldn't you be  a little sad and sympathetic to the issues exposed?  Or when you are sad and see a weeping post wouldn't that discourage you even more? Shouldn't you, as a reader, relax and enjoy the content of a blog in your free time?

Than, there comes another sensitive issue: friends and family usually read your blog and however sad and angry you might be, you shouldn't hurt them by writing an acid post. If you stilll feel like letting it all out, you should write about your concerns in an ambiguous style, maybe include a meaningful quote so that only the person in question can tell.

This is what I feel about blogging when you are angry or extremely dissapointed. It's your blog and you're allowed to express yourself however you feel like. Still, a little diplomacy wouldn't hurt. Who knows, maybe even a post about blogging when you're in a weird mood means that the writer herself is actually hurt and mad *wink wink*.

And now, finally a few words about my outfit: I bought this aviator jacket couple years ago, when it was a huge trend and although I love it, I don't wear it so much because its lenght is impractical.  As for the mint scarf, I know I should look for emerald green and neon yellow in the stores already and that mint is not the IT color anymore, but I love it and that's what really matters! This whole color trend concept means that for a few months you have more options to choose from in a certain shade. It doesn't imply you can't wear that color anymore once a new season settles in!

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

GIVEAWAY: Win a fabulous dress!

GIVEAWAY thefashionninja
♪ Generationals - Ten Twenty Ten♪

Oh..spring...a new season, new trends, great's the perfect season to improve our closet!! You might have noticed that I mostly wear dresses and maxi skirts in both spring and summer. I'm a girly girl, that's no secret, and in these past few years it has become quite difficult for me to find feminine, flowy dresses, with ruffles, frills, in pastels tones etc. TheFashionNinja is the perfect place for me to shop online because they have dresses for all occasions and in various styles but they focus on the feminine and classy accents of their pieces! I am in love with their shop, it took me a long time to choose a dress because I could see myself wearing many of their designs (can you guess which was my final pick?).

Imagine my joy when they contacted me to say they would want one of my readers to be the lucky winner of a dress in their shop! That's right, you get to choose your dress, the collage above is simply my Top 3.

So,  this is what do you have to do in order to enter this fabulous GIVEAWAY:

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Haircuts &inspiration

Spring love

''A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.''-Coco Chanel

(Oh, how couldn't I include a photo of my new haircut in the moodboard?? At first I thought it would be just me bragging but hey- this is my blog and you have to put up with my weird moods- thank you for that, by the way!).
I want to go back to the lovely quote of Coco Chanel- I believe that what makes it so genius is its duplicity: it applies in the situations when you decide to make a radical change with your hair (like my BFF did one year ago- it was hard for me to get used to it but I have to admit she looks incredible!) and it's also a great way to comfort yourself after you cut a few inches just to keep your hair healthy.I'm in the second situation right now and I'm missing my long hair a lot (although my friends assured me that it's still long enough) and this quote just makes me smile!

Now, let's talk about the collage itself- I've been doing some reseatch ever since I write for TeenyStyle and I noticed so many cool clothes and trends that I just had to share my favourite selection around here as well. So, I will reveal my TOP 5 CURRENT OBSESSIONS: