Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Who do you want to be?

Me, the Modern Minnie, last Halloween

I was looking at my old outfit posts the other day and I found this cute photoshoot I did last year. And it hit me! What am I going to wear for Halloween this year? Even though it's not a mainstream holiday in Romania, I always pay tribute to it because I found the concept fun and relaxing! For one day, I get to be whoever I want to be and get inspired by different characters/ people. The tons of candies and the cool parties aren't a downside either.

I have no idea what person/creature I should play this year ! Therefore, I started looking for Halloween Costumes Coupons - because I love a good discount and I tend to decide easier when a product is on sale. Still, wouldn't it be better if I went as a fashion icon (famous designer/ fashion editor) ? But what about the Greek Penelope? I can pull off that maxi dress I showed you in the early June. Once again, the endless possibilities that you have thanks to the fashion world and the inspiring things in your life...

I'm going to let you see my three top Halloween 2013 choices so far while I go and search for a great deal on , hopefully I'll get another costume idea or decide at last:

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Gloomy days & funky prints


I'm no fall fan, as I stated tons of times on this blog. I'm going to share with you the main  (& kind of obvious) reason: you know I like to dress all classy and feminine and wear skirts and dresses, so when autumns arrives I find it impossible to do it, I just don't like to wear tights. I go back to my skinny jeans and I suddenly don't feel special anymore. These photos show the last time I wore a dress this autumn (parties don't count- I just drive to the party and freeze until I enter the restaurant). It was a gloomy day, it even rained an hour later and there I was, in my new favourite dress , with my best friend taking photos of me (she was in a tank top as well).

I had to show you this dress, although I didn't want to be in this light, because I look too damn pale and everything is so foggy. I kind of like the photos now, though. The dress is from the Autumn/Winter 2013 Zara collection was a birthday gift from my best friend, Sara. She really knows me! The funky print, the cut which really flatters my body type, its colors (I can wear it to formal school events thank to the navy on it) and its fabric- perfect for both daily wear and parties- make it the perfect dress for me! Even my flats have a funky print, you'll see if you scroll down to the photos of the details. They're from Persunmall and I just love them! 

Photos by Simona

Monday, 16 September 2013

Fall/Winter 2013 Trend Report II: Burgundy Bags

Burgundy Bag

Happy Monday! I loved that the first fall/winter report got so many hits and positive feedback so I thought I should share my thoughts about another trend today. For all the fashion enthusiasts it is common knowledge that last fall was all about burgundy. Therefore, we are stunned to see burgundy making a comeback after merely one year! Was it the fact that most of us bought bordeaux pieces last October like crazy people? Or was it brought back in order to highlight the color of this season: powder pink? Either way, I'm buying burgundy this fall, big time!

Now, what should you invest in? I thought a lot about it, and I would advise you to go for bags. It's not only the fact that this shade makes any bag look like a statement item, it's also because you can wear it regardless of the season, weather and trends. I just love this Samsonite bag, you can find it online for a great price using this Koffer24 Coupon Code.  A bordeaux Marc Jacobs watch would be a great investment as well.

On my wishlist you can find another wine-colored bag I adore, from Kipling (see collage below). Which one do you like more? I'm tempted to choose it because of the incredible discount I can get using a Kipling Coupon Code. Either way, they are both perfect for a busy teenager like me, I can see myself taking them to school, gym, shopping sessions, on road trips. And I think we can all agree they would both go perfectly with these gorgeous Nike Sky Dunk Hi , I've  been dreaming of getting a pair for a couple months, I'm just not sure I should take the plunge.

Will you buy brand new burgundy items this fall, or you'll just recycle from the last winter season?

Friday, 13 September 2013

Sponsored video: Summer Blues


I can't believe I'm starting school in a couple of days! It has been an incredible, fun, full -yet too short summer. I found these lovely photos I took in Thasos in the day we went around the island and visited The Marble Beach, The Golden Beach, the luxurious Makryammos complex and the lovely mountain village Panagia.

What I'll always remember about Panagia - besides the incredible cobbled streets and the astonishing view- is that we found a lovely restaurant where I had the best fried zucchinis, heart-shaped ice cream for dessert and shared some great childhood memories with my cousins. That's why I feel like these pictures make this post the perfect one to talk about how I adore Fanta

It's not only the beverage itself- it's what it represents for me. I was 5 and I went with my parents to visit my beloved relatives. I know for sure it was around my birthday- summer. One great thing about my cousin is that whenever we visited them for a couple of days , he would try to to invent a new fun game, or show me a new cartoon or product. Not even an hour after I arrived I see him struggling with a huge Fanta bottle in his arms, claiming it's his new favourite juice. I remember I was nervous because he wanted to pour the drink into the glasses and you know, 4-year old kids aren't exactly bartender material. I was relieved to see not a single drop of that fascinating orange juice was spilled and I was finally able to enjoy it. I agreed with him, it was sweet, cool and fizzy - just like every summer should feel like! The new Fanta commercial brings back all my memories and its soundtrack is amazing, does anyone know who plays it? Enjoy!

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Seasonal transition

teenfashiondiary main
♪ Beatles - Come Together ♪

It's that time of the season: when you have to switch to other types of clothes and adapt to the new trends and weather conditions. For some reason, I have the biggest crush on my Zara full skirt, everything about it is perfect!! Therefore, you'll spot me on the street wearing it with different sweaters these days, even if the skirt was meant to be worn only in the summer season. Even mom was sketiptical when I told her I want to mix such different textures, but she agreed with me in the end. There's something great about wearing nothing but a cool loose sweater on early September. 

Now , what about the song I recommend? It seemed like the perfect choice to highlight this new fall trend I've just read about in Vogue UK : "Opposites Attract: When summer's pastels and autumnal tones meet." Imagine how excited I was to see this a few hours ago as it turns out my outfit (sort of) represents this new trend.  Okay, I may have only one autumnal tone: the auburn colored bag- but it makes such a bold statement! Plus, I think this whole look kind of has a "I'm still deciding whether it's summer or autumn" vibe.

What do you think about this trend- have you been wearing color combos and different textures at a start of a new season before?

Photos by Simona

Monday, 2 September 2013

Fall/Winter 2013 : Trend Report I


It's officially autumn. I've never been fond of this season, but I tried to find a silver lining. Sure, I sometimes enjoy the rainy days, with a warm cup of tea in one hand and a marvellous book in another, but it's not enough.  Therefore, I found myself a fall outlet : fashion. I find an imense joy in buying the September issue (last year I chose the iconic Amercian Vogue and Elle UK) and writing about the trends I spot in my notebook. This year it's going to be even more amazing as I have a Moleskine especially designed for the fashion addicts and the Elle Collections Catalog.

I thought it would be great to share my observations and style tips with you on, let's say, 3 trends every once in a while. You shouldn't buy your clothes according to the trends, but it's nice to refresh your closet with something stylish every once in a while. I also love the fact that once I start researching I come across to amazing fashion brands. This season brought me Footwear Etc. , I just can't take my eyes off their amazing bags, such a colorful variety (you'll see how I would style them in the collages below)!

This week, I would like to talk to you about the following trends: