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On 12th of August I turned 19. I can say I started my adulthood at 18, when I got my driver's license, went to Paris without my family and had my college admission, but for some reason 19 strikes me just as important as 18. It's the age that kind of tells me "Adolescence is gone" because I will be moving into a big city this October, in order to attend Medical School. I'm scared, suddenly I'm thinking how to pack my whole life in a couple boxes in order to fit into my small college bedroom. I have a credit card, I have responsibilities and I got gifts such as a toaster or an iron for my birthday this year. Also, it's probably the last birthday I get to celebrate properly in my hometown. I love my home so much, so instead of taking my friends out for a pizza I threw a casual party, with a special menu and a "Just Dance" marathon competition. I had a lot of fun, being surrounded by special people, my family and I loved my gifts so much!!!

It was the perfect birthday, it's not like I won't be coming home from college when I have time (although it is a 4 hour drive), but I just want to remember it this way, filled with laughter and positive energy. You'll find notes under each photo in this post (my gifts, my cake, flowers etc.), but I just want to tell you the story of this outfit first. Three days before my birthday, I left with my best friend Simona on a "birthday weekend" to Brasov. I fell in love with the city, it reminded me so much of Prague and Florence, yet it had its own distinctive air, and visiting it with Simona just made the experience a thousand times better! On Friday, the day we arrived there, I had no idea what I would wear at my birthday party. After visiting the Black Church(more on that in my future post) we decided to briefly check out the shops. After one hour of shopping there, I had my whole outfit planned (and another great purchases)!  I initally loved the Accessorize necklace I'm wearing in the photos, but didn't buy because I didn't have any outfit in mind for it. Ten minutes later, I walk into a Depot96 and I see this floral skirt! I've been in a quest for a perfect floral skirt for years now, and it was 50% off. As I bought it, I thought how perfectly it would match the necklace: it has two blue chains and two tangerine ones. As always, I took the photos before I had my curls and makeup done, so excuse the just-washed terrible hair.

Depot 96 skirt, Zara top, Zara shoes, Accessorize necklace
My pretty pretty cake- I've always wanted a chocolate cake with forrest fruit and macarons on top (Tumblr influence), but this turned out to be the most delicious one I've ever had!
IMG_4720 IMG_4644
Some of the gifts- the Prada Candy was a gift from my parents (I've been dreaming about it for two years now),  The Little Book of PRADA + the sparkly nail polish -  from Simona. I'm obssesing over Ultraviolence right now, maybe I'll write a review on the blog, I feel so inspired! The John Green books are golden, I love them!! The bath gel is my favourite, I've run out and it's the perfect gift for going to college! The List Pad is so me, I saw it at Carturesti and fell in love, but didn't tell anyone about it because it seemed too expensive. Imagine my surprise when I received it!
IMG_4708 IMG_4723
As today is 16th of August- I want to wish a "Happy Birthday" to my little sister!! I love you so much, you're the only one to know what's exactly on my mind, although you're 7 years younger and that just amazes me most of the times! I want you to have the brightest future, surrounded by special people!
My parents also got me this incredible bouquet- I still have it on my desk as I'm writing, I get so emotional when I receive flowers!
IMG_4705 IMG_4632
Before blowing out the candles, kind of panicked because I forgot my wish

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  1. Your birthday sounded amazing and that cake looks soo good. I'm glad you had a great day!

  2. Loving the floral print of this skirt!! And how fabulous is the cut of it?! LOVE!
    Ps. Happy Birthday!
    Brittney Marie
    Pretty Little Pursuits

  3. Lovely skirt!!! So cute!!!

  4. Happy birthday, even though it was a few days ago! That cake looks amazing xx

    Holly | holly la beau

  5. Happy Birthday! I love those John Green books! :)

  6. wow, happy birthday! (sorry for the late greeting). i love your outfit ;)

    tasha x

  7. Haha don't you just love it when you find an outfit on location- I do that more often than I care to admit ;) And 19 really is a fantastic age- you're getting more older but not so old that all the responsibilities start to worry you. It's full of growing and exploring and learning just how capable and awesome you are. I hope you have a *fantastic* year- which you definitely will what with you moving out and going to med school! So happy for you girlie :)

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  8. Happy birthday and your skirt is beautiful :D


  9. Lovely necklace!
    Many happy returns fro your birthday!


  10. Omg that cake looks so good! Glad you enjoyed your birthday. :)

  11. I really like your skirt :) and Happy b-day, honey! :)


  12. This skirt is fantastic! Happy Birthday :)


  13. love the song!!


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