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I was never good at anwering questions like : "What's your favoruite artist?", "What music do you listen?" and so on. I was so amazed and proud of myself for discoverring in late November my favoruite model (future post about it!). When it comes to brands I got plenty because there's always something to like. However lately I was so into Chloe, Proenza Shouler and Miu Miu. At the moment I just feel like writing:IT'S OFICIAL. MIU MIU IS MY  FAVORITE BRAND!  

 Okay, that's waaaay too much! I'd better turn off the laptop because this could go on and on...

*If you own rights for any of these pictures please let me know


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  1. Nu ne putem pronunta niciodata in legatura cu anumite preferinte.
    Darr Miu Miu ..mereu va ramane brand'ul meu preferat <3.


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