A long...view!

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Couple months ago I was a guest blogger for a special themed fashion blog so I chose to write a column : TREND REPORT:A long view..! because I loved the idea of wearing a long skirt, since I see it as a divine piece of clothing, ment to harmonize a woman's body.

Yess, I still consider it a major trend of the last fall but... spring is here! However, I quite got carried away with buying all kinds of trench coats this winter so I couldn't afford myself a skirt. What to do then?

I waited for the sales and I found this heavenly design at ZARA, it's simple and the best thing about it? It's silver peony, one of the hotest color of this season, according to PANTONE. Some said this color has the potential to be like a second nude and I definetely support that!

The timing is perfect because in my country it is still a little chilly and I just feel so confident , unique and ecstatic wearing one!!!
Boots: Benvenuti
Owl necklace:Orsay

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