Sometimes hitting the bottom can be the best thing!!!

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About fashion blogging

Okay, I'm so sorry I haven't posted more, especially after amazing feedback I have received recently , but you can get so easily distracted on summer holiday ! Anyway, this post is something, I mean if you read carefully and understand it, I really hope it does make a point.The idea came to me while I was doing my holiday homework, 100 problems at physics. I know that at the first sight the picture may seem weird and you might be asking yourself right now: "Is this a blog about science?" but this situation really is similar to fashion blogging, so you'd be better prepaired to focus while reading this:

Okay, for the ones who don't know, the energy, according to classical mechanics, is formed by the Kinetic Energy (E k = it has everything to do with the motion) and  the Potential Energy (E p).

Imagine that triangle above as a slope. You get enthusiastic and you're just hitting the road of fashion blogging, you have a lot of potential , but not so much ability of moving things. Most of you , just like me, start writing a lot on a blog post, being aware that the quality of the pictures is not quite good, or you don't have an appropriate decor. You would love to change it, but as you don't have actual many readers at the beggining you just decide to wait and hope that your writing and your point of view is more important than the visual impact.

This, right here is the resemblance between physics and what we are doing. At first, the potential energy is at it's highest, while the kinetic one is at 0. Here comes the magic thing though: the energy converts. It converts from potential to kinetic, and next thing you know is that the speed is at it's highest.

I like to consider the motion, as the speed as you attract more readers. Yet, this is not everything. I have noticed that most of the fashion bloggers emphasize the pictures as their blog is getting more acknowledged, and tend to write less.Of course, there are a bunch of exceptions, Gala Darling is my favorite. Not only she writes A LOT, but her photos are more expressing than ever!

Still, who could blame them after all? You get to see the most amazing brand shoes, the most unique places because they choose to improve their picture quality and wardrobe. I think that this gets you partially in this after all: seing girls who have managed to become trend-setters and who were helped by their readers to have the most breathtaking opportunities. And it does actually make sense because, for me, a picture does worth a thousand words.
I wish I was able to identify the source- found of TUMBLR
I really felt like sharing this perspective with you, my dear readers, because it seemed beyond amazing to be able to proof , with the help of actual theories that Sometimes hitting the bottom can be the best thing!

PS: I need to analyse the ballance between pictures and writing on a fashion blog on a future post.
PPS: Hope you are not having an head ache :)
PPPS: This applies to average fashion blogs only, not street style because of course their only goal is to portray the most amazing looks and all,and that can be done by writing!
Mary M.

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  1. Great post!
    xx Tanja

  2. Wow amazing post, really enjoyed reading this and yes I am of course following you :)

  3. You are so right! It really how you are saying. I wanna go on writing as much as I did in the beginning, cuz I think thats a great clue for the readers to know that the blogger loves his work and puts a lot energy in it! Thanks for your nice comment, of course I'm already following you ;) Hope you are going to follow back now! xx Nini

  4. great post, very thoughtful... I think the balance between good photos and interesting read is important. So far, I think your blog is great. Just keep the good work going, girl!

  5. thanks a lot for your sweet comment! I'm so happy you like my posts :D I follow you of course, follow me back if you liked my blog!

  6. Haha! I have no idea what this means ... I have never had this subject at my school. Looks kind of interesting, like algebra? I liked algebra, I was one of the few that understood it! Haha.

    Hope you are having/had a great weekend. :)


  7. interesting post and lovely pic!
    on my blog there's an exclusive interview to a famous italian singer, paola iezzi.
    wait you there for a visit or a comment 8)

  8. This is such a great post! So interesting.

  9. thank you sooo much:) yea i'd really like to follow each other.. just saw the first page of your blog, but now i'm going to have a closer look:) so far, i love your posts! <3

  10. You are a good writer, I'm impressed:)
    Thank you for such a wonderful comment on my blog:)!

    Monika from J'adore fashion

  11. Hey wow I LOVE that picture of the pick and white outfit! It's neat becasue when I see that picture it leaves a mystery about who is the person? lol, it reminds me of a fanticy about fairies or something (I know that sounds really lame). Could you look at my blog if you get a chance? it's

  12. Haha wow! Interesting post! Thank you for sharing.

    I really enjoy your blog. Would you mind following mine? Simply comment on one of my posts to let me know that you followed me, and I'll be sure to follow you back 100%

    Thanks, and have a good day!

  13. Feeling an urge to write and continue writing now. A very inspiring blogpost that was great to read.


  14. thankyou for the comment.

    we are following you now!

  15. Oh my goodness...I *knew* there was a reason that I never took physics! (c: Cute blog darling, glad to find it!

  16. Thank you for your lovely comment and compliments :-) Brilliant post haven't see this before. I agree with pictures being worth a thousand words and I have always been in love with photography so it doesn't bother me to cut back on the writing. Though words help us get to know the blogger behind it all.

    Following each other sounds great.


    Fashion Nostalgia

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