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Within the last few days, I felt like it wasn't summer anymore. Ugly weather and a considerable amount of water, I caught a cold, so I pretty much spent my time in shops (Massive SALES everywhere!) or in bed.

One thing that I have learned: rain is good for brainstorming!!! I have a lot of ideas for the blog, the fashion community in general , but it's up to me whether I'll  be able to get things moving or not. One thing for sure, I have to be more hardworking, because I feel that there is plenty to improove around here. Now, about the outfit:

The photos were taken just before I went ouside for a walk with my friends, because I looked in the mirror and I liked the actual result of the styling. I was confident that I would be able to take photos outside, but a heavy rain started, so I had to post these awful pics instead.

Nothing just too special related to this outfit. I wanted to wear my beloved Zara blazer but also keep a little of the colorblocking trend, so I wore my favorite scarf and matching flats. Also, my "awful" grey colored nails(as mom considers) were matched with the most confortable Zara grey blouse. Oh, also note my new owl ring, from C&A!


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  1. Thanks so much for leaving a comment,it means so much.
    I love your blog and style.The colour of your scarf is gorgeous,love the blazer and cute bow brooch x
    Im following your fab blog,hope you enjoyed mine and follow if you like it x
    Look forward to tour next post,ahve a lovely day <3

  2. I love your blog as well!
    I researched it and there is plenty of interesting topics! Not to mention your fabulous style!
    Hopefully you didn't leave your comment just so we can follow you! Following! Follow back?
    Hoping to see you on our blog again!

    hugs and kisses by Mani.

  3. I love the styling :) I'm in Hungary at the moment (but going home back to Australia) and the weather has been the same here :( it was lovely and seemed like it was summer, then all of a sudden this horriblle weather came upon us! I didn't get it :P
    Have a lovely day :)
    <3 xeni

  4. That weather is absolutely absurd, One day its so hot i cant get out of my home, next day it rains and I have to drink tee. Its awful.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. It means so much to me.
    I really like your blog,so I will follow you! :) Hope you do the same. :)

    Stop by my new blog
    X Brigita

  5. Thank you very much for your sweet comment.
    This outfit isn't much my style(though I love the nails),but your outfit below with the maxi skirt and long top is groovy ^.^

  6. Hello!
    I'm your new follower via BlogLovin'!
    I came across your blog on IFB and I really like it. (:
    It's Winter here in Australia! But thankfully, it's not raining that much!

    Hope you have time to look at my blog,

  7. You look lovely, great jacket!

  8. Your blog is fantastic! I know how it feels when you wanna blog but you are lacking time and motivation sometimes... keep your ideas, your blog is full of interesting subjects!
    Thanks for you kind comment, it means a lot. I will follow you now... please feel free to do the same :)

  9. nice scarf!
    following you,

  10. oh my, that zara blazer is fantastic. and i love your great scarf.

    rain is perfect for brainstorming!

  11. I actually love the weather,not the rain but the nice spring temeperatures, I'm not a fan of heat. I think you look lovely, I love your braid and the color accents.:)

  12. love your blazer :D


  13. You look so perfect and chic! I love the side braid - it's such a sophisticated look! And that owl ring is adorable! I want one - if only I could look this cool in the rain! :)

    sorelle in style

  14. Love the blazer!! It can be worn with anything! The whole outfit is cute! I superlove your nail polish and I completely disagree with your mom for that matter!
    Thanks for your nice comment on my blog! I am following you now both blog and bloglovin. Feel free to do the same! x


  15. Very classy and relaxed =) I hope you get better soon!

  16. I hate how gloomy the weather has been recently. I totally agree. Thank you SO MUCH for you comment, it really made my day! :)

    I really love your scarf, you look so classy ;)
    I'm following you now!



  17. very nice blog. love your style


  18. I love your look and the blazer is quite awesome!!! Keep posting beautiful looks!!! :)

    Following. Care to follow back? :)


  19. hi thank u so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment!! :) i love the outfit! the color of the scarf is one of my favorites! i love the jacket! i have it as well!
    i am ur newest follower :) xx

  20. I want to follow each other, so I follow you now. Please, visit my blog again. :))


  21. Of course we can follow each other, I start! Wainting for you ti di the same!
    Come back soon to visit my blog!

  22. Super cute outfit! I like the colour of the scarf!

    Thank your for your sweet comment on my blog! Of course I will follow you, I like yours heaps. :)


  23. Hope you get well soon, at least you had something good coming out of that cold :)
    thank you for the sweet comment, and yeah following each other sounds like a great idea, Lovely blog :)


  24. you have a super cool blog and i absolutely love your outfits!!! would like us to follow each other if you like... so do visit my blog!!!



  25. nice outfit,this boyish look is cool. love your scarf as well! :D

  26. You look very lovely, so chic and sophisticated. x

  27. i love that flash of pink! xx

  28. Love the way you paired that jacket and saturated scarf with the pale nail polish--soooo chic! Great outfit and thanks for stopping by my blog!

    xo Mary Jo

  29. nice outfit, and thanks for the comment on my blog!<3


  30. I really like your nail polish. And the colour of your scarf.. wow!


  31. Aw, sorry you were sick darling. That's most definitely the pits in the summertime. You look gorgeous and very chic and classic. I love the structured blazer and that lovely scarf. Thanks a million for your sweet comment. Of course we can follow each other:) Following you now. Have a beautiful weekend and here's hoping for some sunny weather for you!

  32. I love the outfit! You look so chic. I love the color of your nails! Gray is my favorite color! I know, weird. Lately, I have been styling myself so well where I feel I should take a picture and post it on my blog too! haha You have a wonderful blog! I'm now following you, follow back?

    Check out my new post!
    -The BF Mashup

    p.s. I'm following you via Bloglovin' too!

  33. i love the pop of color that your scarf brings to the outfit. xx

  34. Hello!! Visiting from the msg you left on IFB :)!

    You've got great style, I really like the blazer and your scarf!

    Follow each other?

  35. Beautiful! And i love you're nail polish.

  36. Thank you so much for the beautiful comment.
    I completely agree with your belief that rain weather is the perfect thinking time. It truly is. There is something peaceful and relaxing about it - especially when you've got a nice warm heater next to you during winter.
    It's winter here in Australia and it's not too bad; although, it does get very cold!
    I actually really love your outfit here. It looks not only beautifully simplistic, but extremely comfortable - something you don't always get.
    I love the way the colours work together in a casual sort of way.

    Thanks for directing me to your blog :)

  37. That scarf is lovely!

    Follow my blog for your daily dose of California style :)

  38. Hey hun, thanks for the comments on my blog, I am following now, follow me back?? Really like this look, love the blazer and the colour of the scarf xx

  39. Thanks for the comment on my blog!
    I really like your blog and this outfit is very amazing!
    I'll follow you, would you like follow me back?

    Kiss Mich!


  40. Wonderful look!
    Amazing purple scarf! =D

    xxx London

  41. beautiful outfit, you look really gorgeous and I love your blazer! ♥

  42. Such a lovely outfit! Thanx for your comment, sweetie! You have a really nice blog and surely we can follow each other! I follow now and would be glad to stay in touch!

  43. Hi mary, thanks for ur lovely comment!
    i follow u right now, hoping u'll follow me back!!!!




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