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Photo taken 2 hours ago with all my new clothes. I hope I'll be able to post all the outfit photos soon.

Ah, not much time left and it will be 2012. This year has been amazing to me, because I have managed to fulfil my longtime wish: starting a fashion blog. It's been a great ride, I had some collaborations, made some money on my own, managed to buy a semi-professional camera from my savings. 

Also, 3 days  ago I spent every single dollar I had on a reinvention of my wardrobe. Dresses, colourful belts, wallets and interesting tops. Not to mention the most amazing flats. I think you might have read about it at the facebook page.

I'm more than ecstatic looking back to this year and I hope for the best regarding the next one!
I have also realised that you, dear readers don't know my full name or where I'm from!
I'm Mary Manaila and I come from a small beautiful country, Romania. I love being called just Mary as you may have noticed.

Future plans for the blog in 2012? Definetely get a domain and..who knows..
Happy New Year!!!

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5 comentarii

  1. feliz año nuevo!te espero en mi nuevo post xxoxo http://thefashionmarmalade.blogspot.com/

  2. Happy New Year 2012.!! you are so beautiful, love looking your pictures! you have a new follower!

    visit my blog www.worldisrunway.blogspot.com

  3. wow your iphone marc jacobs cover is divine

  4. Happy New Year, Mary!

  5. Happy belated new year! I would be just as ecstatic with those purchases!


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