Pretty florals and mixmatched morals

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I don't know about you, but I had enough of this winter. I'm looking forward to walking around the town without  a coat and two sweaters or a denim shirt and a knit, as shown above.

So, what I've been doing these days, without school? I have been dreaming..I dream of a sunny day of spring, with cherry blossom flowers everywhere.

As for what I will be wearing..I have something in mind. It will be a lot of pastels involved because they are 'in' this season and...crazy colorful prints!!!

Why so? Well, I simply adore the colorblock trend and I feel I should keep it for this spring also, combined with some funky patterns. This is my moodboard at the moment, I would love to wear any of these prints. Now, I'll write something particularly about  florals, considering the fact I found something very interesting:

You know from my past post how I love Joe Browns for their creativity and how they play around different shapes and textures. Well, I checked their site recently and I noticed there are a lot of floral tunics!! I love tunics, I also love the fact that they are made from cotton because I have a sensitive skin..and I simply adore the prints they have designed for the colection!

I have chosen my very favorites, some are even on sale. They are fun to match and easy to wear! I can picture myself already, with a salmon Proenza Schouler bag and a golden Michael Kors watch in a fancy tunic/dress. Wait, pause that. The only thing I can afford would be the tops, plenty of them haha:

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  1. I really love florals. And those flower printed dresses are beautiful.

  2. I also can't wait until this long winter is over!!

  3. I love floral and pastel colors! Happy Valentine's day! I'm new to blogging and I'm having a giveaway. Check out my blog if you are interested. I am going to follow you, hope you return the follow =)

  4. I'm quite looking forward to florals for the spring, cliche yes, but classic? Hell yes.

  5. I love floral.

  6. ooh sure dear:) following you now! follow me back,okay? i'll wait for you :)


  7. Floral prints are the best ♥

    Xo, Imke

  8. Yes I don't like long winters too & I can't wait for spring to come! Cuz I don't like my outfit be always covered by a winter boring!

  9. hi hon! thanks for leaving the lovely comment on my blog :) the floral prints are so cute. and yes I'm definitely anticipating a lot of crazy, loud prints in the near future...wonder how I'm going to pull them off haha!

  10. aww thank you so much :)
    yes we can follow each other ! so now i follow you & i hope you do the same soon on my blog if you like, i'll be glad :)
    bisous xxx

  11. Hey,
    you have such a fab blog, i've been reading it a while now, first time i comment though. oh forgot to tell you happy blog anniversary since i've read that you had your first blog anniversary. you are doing super well, keep the good work.
    i am now following you via GFC and bloglovin,
    if you find anyyyy time to stop by my blog i would appreciate it
    i mainly blog about fashion editorials coming from all over the world, so if you love to read magazines and get inspired i would love it if you followed me back via gfc and bloglovin (in case they shut down gfc).
    i can't wait for your next post to come, its been days you haven't published.

  12. Beautiful romantic dresses, I love floral prints. I am your old follower, You said you will follow back but I can't see you on my followers list. Could you try again please?

  13. I love the dresses! Super cute! New follower :)

    Simply Being Me

  14. I love pastel color , beautiful dresses.
    I follow you.
    Have a nice week-end.


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