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♪Sweet about me- Gabriella Cilmi♪

I had some rough days and I needed a break. Things like this happen and although work and/or learning is very important, you have to know when it's enough and be able to take a break. 

That's the tricky part- how to make time for yourself? I don't know, it all depends on several factors but what I do know is that you shouldn't give up on your need and find a way to make it happen. Although some may consider this rather unuseful I have to emphasize on the fact that it does make a difference! Leisure time is something you shouldn't ignore, because it's something you need for your own health.

Please note that I'm talking about those kind of days when you are just super busy and you barely sleep , not about the ones when you 've got plenty of time and you just spend it daydreaming.

I am going through that kind of phase, when everything is just so crowded and important that I can't fit 'time for myself' in the schedule anymore. The day I showcased in the photos above was by chance, completely unexpected. All my plans got cancelled and I rushed to my best friends house and had a blast, with snow fights, good books, a movie, delicious food and a lot of tea...

Now I feel like that day happened months ago. That's right, trapped in the routine again, but this is my promise that somehow I'll find a way to take a break again, as soon as possible.

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  1. aww, thank you for the follow :)

  2. Everybody need time for yourself,
    doing nothing, btw i love the pictures.


  3. I like the quote you added!:) Nice photos! Kisses:)

  4. Really nice pictures! I so agree with u!


  5. Take time and enjoy the little things in life!


  6. Oooooh, you're so cute!
    Nice pics!
    Once I had the same flowers! ;)

    Will be glad to see you here ;)

  7. hey nice blog...want to follow each other??? let me know if u want to..and if u follow i'll follow back...take care.

  8. Beautiful post, and it's true: free time is important to get away from routine!!Kiss kiss C. ♥

  9. very cute post :)


  10. Great quote and enjoyed reading your post :) xo akiko
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