"All that glitters is not Gold."

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I was telling you in December how obsessed I am with the glitter trend. Well,  time has passed, the trend is gone and I finally managed to own one sparkling and flawless sweater haha( I know, I'm like 3 months late). I consider it another fortunate happening as I actually won it after I entered the MOJA Giveaway. The fabric is sublime and the design is just impressive, it even has shoulder pads!

Another thing that I have started to love lately is the Elle Magazine. You know me, I'm a huge fan of Vogue Paris, but I find Elle UK so different and refreshing. I love how I find out in every publication about interesting people who are usually private and a rare presence in the eyes of the media, yet do some immense work for the fashion world. Not to mention the witty editorials and the great book recommendations!

Click for more glitters&sparkles and wish me luck(I'm going away for 5 days and I have mixed feelings about it)!

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10 comentarii

  1. well I love this despite the fact you bought it late...I LOVE it!

  2. so lovely images!:) I love Elle too!:) xoxo

  3. Congrats! :) Can't wait to see it in an outfit post!

    xx Brigita

  4. fine elle ; ))


  5. Who cares if you're months late? Trends are what you make of them - can't wait to see you rock that sweater.


  6. the sweater looks fantastic! and sparkling is in everywhere !


  7. So sparkly!
    It doesn't matter that it's late though, because it will definitely look amazing on you :)


  8. Looks beautiful! Thanks for your lovely comment hun. Would love to follow each other. I am following you now :)

    Xox Soph

  9. Thank you for the comment on my blog! I will definitely have to check out Elle UK! Thanks for the recommendation.

    I added your blog so we can follow each other. :)

    <3 Emi



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