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Hair style is the final tip-off whether or not a woman really knows herself. ~Hubert de Givenchy, Vogue, July 1985

I took this picture couple days ago and I sighed dramatically as always. I usually complain of how my hair is so straight and still and just when I needed it to stay in it's natural shape it magically converted into this pseudo wavy-in-the-end hairdo.

I love my hair, it's quite long and I would never dye it, but it seems it doesn't love me back!! Of course, there are tons of hair products but as I am in a rush I just tend to leave it in its 'unique' manner. Don't get me wrong, I love to have a feminine, even preppy look so I decided it is time for a change.

Remember one of my posts about the genius brand ghd? Well, after some further research (this meaning an interesting talk with some new friends) I found out that they have the best ceramic flat iron , that does a fantastic job no matter what kind of hair you have. It sounds tempting, especially regarding the fact they deliver worldwide. Also, it wouldn't harm my hair because using the straightener twice a week is enough as the key of their products is effectiveness.

Top brand, with Katty Perry as ambassador, good prices and actually a result? On the whole, I'm chamed!!

Any hair product/ straightener are you lusting over right now?

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24 comentarii

  1. beautiful hair :)
    that spray did a great job!

  2. Your hair looks pretty. If you're into curls, I recommend using a Tresemme styling mousse to retain the curls for a longer period. xoxo Demmy

  3. hair is a face's frame :)

    love the blouse!

    Gosia xoxo

  4. Your hair IS beautiful! By the way, love the zip on the back.
    xx Brigita

  5. thanks so much for checking out my blog doll!!
    you and yours are absolutely stunning!
    love the top you have on here.
    following you now! :)

  6. That quote is so amazing. I love it! And your hair looks gorgeous. I think we never truly appreciate what we have!

  7. I have that top and I relly loooove it!:)

  8. Dear, your style and hair!
    Beauty :)

  9. Super cute :) Love your blog :)
    Followed you via gfc :)
    Thanks for lovely comment on my blog :*

  10. very beautiful hair! you need a lot time and temper to take care of them!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  11. Beautiful blouse!!! ;-) thanks for your comment in my blog!!! I follow you now...I hope you follow back. xx
    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  12. ohhh your blouse is so wonderful:) thank you so much for visit me:) of course we can follow each outher:) I'm your newest follower, follow me back!

  13. Beautiful photo! :)
    xx Ilka

  14. thanks for your lovely comment!! :D
    of course I would love if we follow each other! I was already following you from long time ago :P

  15. hello my Dear:)
    You leave on my blog a comment in which you say me thet you follow me...I'm sorry,but I can't find you among my followers:)
    please ... take a look:) :)Sure,it'd be a problem ;)

  16. omg! so sorry:D you have other photo:D thank you so much for information!!!

  17. you have a beautiful hair, for sure <3

    La Petite Chateau

  18. hei! paste fericit alaturi de cei dragi <3

  19. I think your hair looks lovely.
    I chemically straightened my hair a couple of years back. It was dead straight and didn't need any bit of styling which was a huge time saver.

  20. Hi Mary! Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. I really appreciate it! You're so sweet! ^_^ I think your hair looks beautiful and healthy, maybe just need a bit of volume. Well, if you're okay with spending more minutes in styling, it will level up the result as well. My hair had been on the difficult side (sometimes it's dull, frizzy, and damaged here and there), but since using Bio Silk products regularly, it gets better and healthier. I also read lots of raves about Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil Shampoo too and would like to try it out. ^_^


  21. love the quote and the hair style so chic. love your blog, definitely following now. keep in touch xx

    violetheart xxoo

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