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Oh my, I am late once AGAIN, but I'm having a really rough time! School is tough, not unbearable, but I don't really know how to manage my time as I am currently learning for my university exam. I know I won't start uni in less than 2 years but I have a huuuge amount to learn and I am actually enjoying it! On top of everything, all my devices are having a breakdown! Computer? Gone. Laptop? Bye bye. Camera? Don't even mention it! 

Therefore, I have to manage only with my phone and Ipad and I ocassionally borrow my dad's laptop. You can see now , I hope, why it takes me so much time to post and how sad I am of this crazy pace! Anyways, let's focus on the outfit a little!

I've always wanted this kind of loose pants for school, similar to some harem pants yet super stylish and comfy! My aunt surprised me with this pair from French Connection. Needless to say, it was love at first sight and I love how easy is for me to match them with pretty much everything in my closet! I've been dying to show you my fancy bow sweater and my python bag! I mentioned the python bag in a recent interview, I bought it from Florence and I love it so so so much!!!

Back to the sweater I love it how it's so feminine and cute, totally my style! I don't usually match my sweater with my bag, don't worry, but I really loved this combination! Also, the flatforms are really the most perfect pair of shoes for a teen if you ask me: we all fancy an extra inch even if we're on the run!

Love you all so much, I hope you haven't forgotten!

ZARA sweater, FRENCH CONNECTION pants, GAP top, H&M flatforms , ZARA bag, Fossil watch

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14 comentarii

  1. Beauty!

  2. you look gorgous! i love your outfit!

  3. Lovely outfit!

  4. How classy and cute! I love the top & color combination!

  5. Great Look! Love your style and blog! You have a new follower:)

  6. Cute outfit the shoes and bag are so lovely perfect for school!
    If you fancy having a look at another teen fashion blog I would greatly appreciate it-

    Jade xxx

  7. Looking very Chic. I like the outfit.

  8. So beautiful! I love ur hair!<3<3



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