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Sneak peek of the next outfit post! 

Hello my dear readers, sorry (I've said this a million times!) for the lack of posts, but I've been away for the weekend and I'm having a very difficult high school year. Still, I really love my blog and you, so that is why I am writing this right now although I should be learning for tomorrow.

The thing is that I've been receiving mails or questions on a daily basis lately and I answered all of them despite the lack of time because I  felt some of you really needed my help . And that's how I figured a lot of you have the same fears or questions you write me about, which is totally okay , but I just thought that maybe I should do an advice column around here (and actually sticking to it) like : "Wednesday Wisdom" ?

Or maybe time has finally come for me to do a Q&A?

Anyways, I really need your help and suggestions this time, I really want to improve this little blog! How can you reach me?

Write me a lovely e-mail at marymeetsfashion@gmail[dot]com
Or maybe ask me anything on Tumblr, after you get inspired by the bunch of photos I post there.

Stay fab & have an amazing week!

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