Fancy Friday: Pink Paris

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♪ Lana del Rey- Paris ♪

As a child, I had one fashion pet peeve: pink. As I grew older, I started to accept it as a color appropiate for accessories,  sometimes even for blouses. Now, I see it as a state of mind. I like to surround myself with this colour, though not excessively. As much as I would like to 'think pink', I am not the optimistic type so I guess I have this need because I want to remind myself constantly that there are reasons to be happy and relax. It's such a joyful colour and that's why I bought my beloved Marc Jacobs Ipad case in this bright fuchsia shade (or honeysuckle?). I've always dreamed of a big poster/illustration/painting to replace my moodboard and I wanted it to have a strong message, something I would really like to do someday.

So, when I found this poster with a quote of the incredible Audrey, about PARIS and pink all over it, I knew I had to have it! Also, here is my favourite quote of Audrey Hepburn, which fits with the theme perfectly:
(Blame it on the Christmas spirit, I feel so light and happy!)

audrey pink

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9 comentarii

  1. Beautiful post and love the quoute! :)

    xx Marianne

  2. I love the poster!

  3. hi blogger!!! :)
    Just happen to pass by your blog!! :) every girl love the pink..every woman wear it!!! <3 <3 If you want you can take a look on my blog!!I'm a new blogger !!!!! :) We can follow each other!!What do you think??? :) Just let me know your answer -where you follow me- on my blog and then i followed you back!!!

    keep the good work!!
    xoxo stefaniaa!!

  4. I am lovin' this post because I have been a "pink lover" as a kid , now I'm grown up , I still love it . I love Miley Cyrus' quote about pink which is " Pink isn't just a colour , it's an attitude" . Love this quote too :)
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  5. Lovely pic :)

  6. Awesome post! And i love your blog:)
    Follow each other?:)

  7. Loved the quote and the Ipad case, I am on a pink zone too right now, looking for the perfect shade of pink lipstick :)


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