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Moonlight Breakfast- Hard Times

I can't help myself but laugh as I am looking at these pictures. They show a very happy version of me, back on the 1st of December when the weather was incredible, I only grabbed a jacket and I was off to see Cloud Atlas which is definetely the best movie I've seen in 2012 (I still love Skyfall, don't worry, I wouldn't have named an outfit post after it otherwise!).

For some reason, that day felt like spring and I had so much fun with some of my friends and I had a positive thinking and I was like 'I bet it's only going to snow in February'. That's why I decided to wear my crop top (ha!) and the neon necklace I never got to wear last summer (ha ha ha).

Of course, the weather changed just as quick as my mood and now I am constantly covered in snow and exams. That's why I had to take such a long break from the blog, it is no secret that my studies are on the first place right now and I have to keep it toghether as I have decided to go for medicine (every Sunday in this semester has been about anatomy). It only felt like Christmas is approaching this weekend , when all my close friends started to give my hints about gifts and. I allowed myself to take a little break and let my creativity ( & savings) flow. It felt so good, and I am so happy to be back!

Also, I hope you entered the giveaway!

“Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.” 
― Victor Hugo, Les Misérables

Oasap crop top, Zara carrot pants, Zara neon necklace, Massimo Dutti python heels, Fossil Watch, Bershka belt

oasap4 oasap1 oasap6 oasap8 oasap2 oasap3 oasap7

Also, I have to share this super cute photo of me and my best friend D. , we have matching Marc Jacobs bracelet. You can have one too, if you join the giveaway HERE.

Enjoy this Christmas, my dear readers, I will try to post again soon! x

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  1. So beautiful belt an t-shirt!!
    Please I need your help in my blog!
    Kisses dear

  2. you are so cute. Love the MJ bracelets.


  3. What a great look! I love that top - so cute! And those shoes are gorgeous as well.

  4. Amazing shoes

    Check my new post

  5. I have yet to see Cloud Atlas and Skyfall.

  6. What a cute top! You look so lovely here, darl. :)

    Jenna of Daydreamer Fashionista. ♥

    If you have time, maybe you can read my recent blog post about The Best Beauty And Health Treatments HERE.

  7. lovely outfit! you look so pretty!


  8. love your cropped t-shirt! you look so pretty :)

  9. lovely outfit, your shoes are gorgeous
    I am doing a giveaway on my blog, I would love for you to check it out

    Adaora x


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