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2013-07-23 17.32

♪ John Newman - Love me again ♪

Wow, this summer holiday is flying away, I can't believe I will be 18 in 4 days! I'm trying to  be as optimistic as I can, although there have been unexpected changes and I'm not sure how to make my birthday special at this point. Anyways, I thought posting these photos from Thasos with me wearing the lovely T-shirt which has a strong message: "Happy thoughts will guide my way" might cheer me up a bit.  The skirt is one of the other things my cousin got from Sevilla for my birthday, it's from Mango and he was lucky enough to find the last one!

It was a marvellous day of our trip, back when we shot these, we went around half the island and stopped for lunch in a small village famous for the shop where you can buy pine and orange honey, Theologos (the honey really is something else, by the way!). We had lunch there as well, and most of the photos are taken on a quaint little street. The village was so different from what I've seen before, most of their roofs were made of stone. After lunch, we went for a little shopping session in Limenaria, a small city, with incredible palm trees and caffes.
Mango skirt, Stradivarius T-shirt, Mango wallet, Fossil watch
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14 comentarii

  1. Love the tee and skirt styled perfectly!!!

  2. I love your skirt!
    Put together very nicely


  3. Hi Mary, I'm in love with your top! I need that everyday, the "happy thoughts". And it's a great choice to pair it with that skirt! <3

    Advance Happy Birthday! Enjoy every minute of it and I wish all your wishes do come true. :)

    Jen of Style & Daydreams. ♥

  4. very cute look!


  5. Hey,
    great pics and a sweet style!!!


  6. I feel the same about Summer holidays.
    You look adorable.Kisses


  7. Happy B-day, Mary ;)) thanks for visiting my blog on such a special day!


    Lavender Fashion : http://lavender-fashion-xxx.blogspot.jp/

  8. Absolutley LOVE the skirt x


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