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♪ Amy Winehouse- Back to Black ♪ (& blogging)

I really thought I would post more often this summer, especially because I'm still on vacation, but in the last two weeks I've been lacking photographers (friends, my cousin, my mom, anyone??) and good weather. So there I was, trying my new number from SheInside, dying to blog about how I found my perfect little black dress and with no options whatsoever. Then it hit me: Why don't I go back to my first routine as a blogger? When I started this blog, it was just me, this white wall and my camera on self-timer mode.

I admit I got a little nostalgic and that I wasn't so content with the results, but maybe this way you get to see better the intricate lace work on my marvellous dress and its great cut. I chose to go for a punk chic style by adding my statement necklace from Zara, golden cuffs and flatforms. I love how versatile it is, I plan to wear it at a future party in a classy/feminine way.

And, since these photos are so simple and clean, maybe it's the right post to share my super exciting news: I got my driving licence on the 14th of August!! Two days after my birthday, it was one of my biggest dreams. I know it comes with a great responsibility, but we all have to admit it's a pretty awesome feeling, to be driving.

SheInside dress, Zara statement necklace, Stradivarius golden cuffs, H&M flatforms
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  1. Nice look, love the accessories :)

  2. Oh what a beautiful dress! Congrats on getting your license - how exciting! :)

    sorelle in style

  3. The gold cuffs are such a nice look! And the dress is soo cute!

  4. Love it (:

  5. Dress <3 You are pretty. Love your blog. I'm following you. :) I'm waiting for new post. Kisses :*
    Visit me: Fashion blog What is in the hat? KLIK!/Bloglovin

  6. U never go wrong with black!
    Come and see my latest post...

  7. You look great on the pictures ! And the dress is cute :)
    Come and see me too on:

  8. Lovely dress!! So cute


  9. Congrats on your driving licence! Love your pretty dress!

  10. perfect dress
    you look super beautiful :)


    Coline ♡

  11. Really cute outfit, I love the golden details :)

  12. How cute is that! Little black dress looks gorgeous on you, and your symmetrical bracelets are adorable. Following you on facebook, follow me back if you want :-)

  13. Black is such a classic color; cute outfit :)


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