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It's no secret that I don't know what I would do without my Iphone and Ipad. I try to limit the amount of time I use them though, now that I'm in my senior year.. That's why whenever I find a cool application I love to blog about it, because I noticed most of my readers are also tech savy (thank you for following me on Instagram & Facebook!).

A couple of days ago I discovered Poptalk and I just had to share it with you! Poptalk is an instant messaging app. So far so good, but I bet you're thinking "There are hundreds of them, why should I start using a new one?". If you are like me, then you will find it ideal because it literally shows your emotions. How many times did you find something funny and replied with "haha" and then you found out that the other person thought it was sarcasm? Or when you were anger with somebody, yet your answers didn't give anything away? I like the fact that by using Poptalk you can wear your heart on the sleeve! You must have noticed that I tend to overuse the "!!!" sign in my writing- my favourite author F. Scott Fitzgerald would strongly disagree- but I do it because I want to express my excitement somehow.  To put it in Poptalk emoticons , when I'm blogging about it I feel like :(dance) . 

There is one more aspect that made me start convincing my friends to start using it as well: it's an app worthy of a fashionista! Your avatar can have any hairstyle, you can buy clothes, even statement necklaces (they won my heart with this!) and you can choose a background.  You'll see in the next photos that my avatar has some sleek nude shoes, I would love to own them in real life! And speaking about nude shades, I love my new sweater from H&M, the one that I'm wearing in the pictures. It's so comfortable and easy to wear with both jeans and skirts, and perfect for this weather as well.
IMG_4095 IMG_4153 IMG_4129 IMG_4143 IMG_1353 IMG_1337 IMG_4145 IMG_1336IMG_1354 IMG_1361 IMG_4096

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  1. Sounds like a great app to use! Thank you for the mention and have a lovely weekend! x

  2. Oh very interesting~
    Comment to me back to keep in touch~

  3. J'adore ton collier :)

  4. Nice post! You look adorable!

  5. Nice post...I am a teen blogger as well. Love you're blog!


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