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I am back with lots of photos from my trip to Brasov, as I promised. It took me a lot of time to sort them out because I decided this trip I would go on a photo overload in order to remember all the details (& be able to share them), unlike Paris when I was in a total rush. I really wanted to travel somewhere with my best friend Simona after our college admission and Brasov turned out to be the perfect choice!

For my international readers, Brasov is an important city in Romania, with an impressive history and unique architecture. It has various places to visit (all incredible, I can guarantee!) and you'll be stunned to see the Tampa mountain from every corner of the city. There are also a lot of great places to eat and I particularly loved the atmosphere, the people are so kind and welcoming! It attracts many tourists from all over the world, so it was nice to hear different languages while I stayed there.

These photos are from our second day in Brasov, when we did most of the visiting. I admit I'm a bit of a control freak when I visit a place, I usually have my schedule noted down to every single minute in order to see as many things as I can in a foreign place. Well, Simona proved to be the first travel buddy who somehow made me change the schedule constantly. I don't know how or why, but the fun part is that I actually didn't mind at all. We went with the flow and it turned out to be the most exhilarating trip! 

Before I start telling you about all the incredible places we visited that day, note the outfit in the pictures. A navy maxi dress from Gap, which I simply adore and my Zara statement necklace. I forgot my sunnies at home, but I was lucky enough to find this pair at Accessorize in Brasov. Okay, story mood: ON!

We woke up an hour later than we planned because we went to a movie the night before, which finished at 1 AM and then we threw a mini party dancing to the beats of Iggy Azalea (I got S. hooked on her music, I'm proud). Instead of visiting the first place on my list, we decided for a walk in the Council Square and the streets surrounding it because we were in the mood for taking photos. S. is a perfectionist when it comes to taking photos, so we would wait until the people were out of the background (which is quite impossible in a big city like Brasov) and the light was so tricky!

After the shoot, we started to look for the famous White Tower and Black Tower. We found them and we were surprised to see that there were many many many STAIRS. I'm writing this in capital letters because they were extremely narrow and  I was wearing this outfit when I climbed them. I had to lift up my maxi dress to my knees, while praying not to trip and lose my breath. The funny part is that S. went ahead and told me: "Concentrate on the stairs, don't look up!". I listened until, after 100 stairs, I decided to look up...only to notice we weren't even at the half of the road! There were a bunch of tourists in the White tower glancing at us, so it really motivated me to get it over with. I can promise you the effort is worth it, when we arrived there we were stunned to see Brasov from above, I made sure to take a lot of photos which you can see in this post.

Once we visited the White Tower, we saw a small road and decided to follow the path ("There's no way I'm going back to those evil stairs" I declared to S.). It was such a steep road that I thought I was going to ruin my flats (& my maxi) and break something.  We arrived safe&sound at the Black Tower, which proves you can survive a hike wearing flats & even a statement necklace!

We went back in the city and stopped for a sweet treat at Coffeol, which is a cool coffee shop, very similar to Starbucks in terms of vibe and drinks menu. The dessert I had was the best chocolate mousse, and believe me, I have tried several in other countries. After brunch, we saw the Schei Gate and the Ecaterina Gate (so precious!), The Synagogue and Rope Street, which is one of the narrowest streets in Europe. After the sightseeing activities, we went a long way to find the cable car, in order to to reach the top of the Tampa Mountain. Of course, we didn't know that there would be another hike involved, because the cable car doesn't get you to the actual top. The morning hike was simple compared to this, I'm lucky I made it through, plus everyone was looking at me like I was crazy (granted, they were all wearing sneakers and sportswear and I had a dress on and flashy jewellery haha). The view was truly BREATHTAKING, we just didn't want to go back, I never thought this would be such an incredible experience.

I'll tell more about the rest of the day in the next post. Until then, enjoy these photos of Brasov, a glimpse of paradise:

On top of the Tampa Mountain- Beautiful Brasov in the background

No passerby - you can only imagine how long it took S. to get this shot
Right before the White Tower hike - the 'fabulous' state of mind wore off shortly after this photo was taken 

The Palace of Justice & the famous "Brasov" letters (who said only Hollywood can have them?)

IMG_4128 IMG_3807 IMG_4006
Me & S. just before the stair climbing

Ecaterina Gate- I love it, it reminds me so much of princesses

IMG_3868 IMG_3793 IMG_4079
Selfie from the White Tower

Rope Street- I went for a safe pose, while S. - that's a whole different story, her ankles could have been in danger haha

IMG_3925 IMG_4235
Coffeol delight

'Tired, but happy' kind of selfie -I'm not a selfie fan, but this is what happens when you can't find a person to take your photo.

IMG_3847 IMG_3797

IMG_4136 IMG_3994 IMG_4012 IMG_4106
In front of the Synagogue

IMG_4132 '' IMG_3808 IMG_3981 IMG_4009 IMG_4142 IMG_3924 IMG_4209 IMG_4066 IMG_4138 IMG_3914
Thank you S. for the unbelievable memories! I love you and I'm going to miss you like crazy starting October..

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  1. What an incredible place to visit! The sights are just stunning. I really love your dress as well.

  2. wow, beautiful photos! love this post! <3
    tasha xx

  3. Your trip sounds absolutely amazing, it's inspired me to visit Brasov too! Your outfit is gorgeous as well xx

  4. I've never been to Brasov but it looks amazing and so do you in your gorgeous dress with that necklace on! Just lovely ^^


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