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♪ Yong Forever/Halo #OnTheRunTour - Beyonce & Jay Z ♪

The time has come! Tomorrow I'm leaving my hometown and trading it for Iasi, where I'll go to Med School. Generally, everyone is so excited when they go to college: a brand new life, with freedom and adult responsabilities, new friends. Well, I can't say I don't feel those things, it's just that I'm an OVERTHINKER. I'm super organized and stressed out and I'm quite scared about being on my own. It's not the studying part I dread, I feel blessed to have the opportunity to study such interesting things, it's the impossible schedule and having to be independent. Plus, I'm going to miss my friends like crazy- we met for the last time before going away to different cities for college- I can only say there were a lot of pancakes, Pringles, old photos and crying involved. I'm determined to always find time for a chat with them, their friendship is invaluable. I find it strange how writing down these thoughts in a blog post makes me feel better. It's soothing, I look everything from an optimistic angle now that I read them.. Blogging often turns out to be the best therapy for me!

Speaking of best friends, here are the photos of the last day of my trip to Brasov with Simona. We went around our favourite streets one more time and had lunch at a lovely place, with the best pasta (I had some divine 'quatro formaggi') and bought some souvenirs for our families and friends. I love the fact that we had our train at night so we had all the last day to soak that Brasov energy in.

To end this anxious post on a high note, I recommend you watch the video I suggested at the top of the article- it's a live performance by Beyonce and Jay Z- at their last concert of the 'On The Run Tour', held in Paris. Besides the fact that they sing heavenly, there's a footage in the background of featuring their story- the start of their relationship, the trips, the engagement, the wedding, the pregnancy and the most important stages in Blue Ivy's life so far. It's touching to see such a caring family so devoted to love, art and music!  DON'T WORRY, BE YONCE!
H&M dress, Otter flats, Fossil watch, Accessorize glasses & bag 
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  1. I am sure that everything will be great! Wishing you all the best on the next chapter of your life! :)

  2. lovely dress <3

  3. I love your content, and you are too gorgeous! I would love it if you could check out my blog :)

  4. Lovely dress :)
    Happy weekend

  5. Love your dress! Please follow me, just started out-


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